Updated 02:46 AM EST, Tue, Nov 30, 2021

iOS 8 Release 2014: Step-By-Step Guide to Re-install iOS 8 from iOS 8.0.1

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So, if you were one of the unfortunate iPhone users who upgraded to iOS 8.0.1, you're going to want to uninstall that update--fast. Loss of cell service and the ability to use the Touch ID sensor, were some of the issues plaguing those who installed the new update this week. Apple has since pulled the update and acknowledged the problem, though no timetable has been given for when users can expect a new new update. 

We've put together a guide to walk you through rolling your iPhone back to iOS 8. According to Apple, here's what you want to do:

First, make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes. 

Step 1 - Download the correct firmware for your device. Apple has provided the firmware for the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus. Make sure you get the correct file for your phone!

Step 2 - Turn off Find My iPhone by going to Settings > iCloud then toggle Find My iPhone to 'OFF.'

Step 3 - Now connect your phone to the computer has your iTunes account on it. Make sure you use a cable and not Wi-Fi.

Step 4 - Back up your data by clicking Backup Now in iTunes. The update should be installed with the 'this computer' option and not iCloud. And don't forget to include your apps.

Step 5 - Make sure you're on the iPhone screen in iTunes. Next, hold down Alt (if you're on a Mac) or Shift (on Windows computers) and then click Restore iPhone. Now you'll be asked for the restore file, which is the file you downloaded in step 1. Point the computer to wherever you downloaded that file.

The phone will now be restored to iOS 8 and your phone will reboot. After the reboot you should be all set.

Step 6 - Make sure to restore your data and apps by clicking restore from this backup. That should just take a minute. 

Step 7 - Make sure you turn Find my iPhone back on (step 2)

If you did everything correctly, your phone should now be running iOS 8 once again. If for any reason you encounter difficulty, consult this official guide from Apple or contact an Apple support representative.

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