Updated 12:40 PM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

iPad Mini 3 Release Date, Specs & Features: Retina Tablet Delayed to 2015 [Rumors]

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The next-generation iPad mini is rumored to have a 2015 release date.

Mac Rumors reported that according to a new update from Taiwanese website Commercial Times, the iPad mini 3 will not be sharing the limelight with the iPad Air on the alleged October release date.

Instead, the second version of the Retina iPad mini will launch sometime early next year. The rumored iPad Pro is also alleged to be out by Q2 of 2015.

Previously, it was reported that both the iPad Air and the iPad mini 3 will be launched in October of this year.

Christian Post notes that the alleged October release date of the Retina display mini tablet is consistent with its past launch days-all falling on the said month.

"Back in October 2012, the first iPad Mini was revealed followed by its availability the next month. The second iPad Mini (referred to as the Retina Display iPad Mini) was unveiled the same month in 2013. Safe to say, the iPad Mini 3 could also be facing an October announcement this year," the outlet explained.

A first or second quarter release date will definitely be a first for the mini Apple tablet but possible too. A new iPad mini was released a year after the original tablet, which means that if the Cupertino-based tech giant does not intend to release an updated version in 2014, an early 2015 launch would make up for lost time.

The next generation iPad mini is rumored to have several new specs including a 64-bit A8 processor for a faster and better performing tablet and a 2048x1536 resolution display.

But what really stunned most Apple fans is the rumor that the iPad mini 3 will be "Air" thin-even going as far as dubbing the scaled-down tablet the "iPad mini Air 3."

Possible? BGR doesn't think so.

"Assuming the new report from Taiwan is accurate, a 30% reduction in thickness would mean the iPad mini 3 would measure just 5.25mm, a rather questionable number, considering that the tablet will likely pack a Retina display, which requires more power and battery life than lower resolution screens," explained BGR.

The iPad mini 3 is also rumored to come with the iOS 8, Apple's newest mobile operating system. Hopefully, the small tablet won't be facing WiFi problems as the Retina display iPad mini does.

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