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Immigration advocates targeting politicians financially

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Politically active Hispanics are putting their money where their mouth is, and that's apparently a large chunk of change. The Latino Victory Project, spear-headed by actress Eva Longoria and Democratic National Committee Finance Chair Henry Munoz III, is setting its political sights on politicians opposed to immigration reform.

According to numerous sources, the group plans to spend upward of $20 million targeting GOP lawmakers that fail to move forward on immigration reform. The political hit list is said to include 10 Republican politicians and the donors plan to spend $1 to $2 million in campaigns against each of them in the 2014 election.

The elite among the newly-formed alliance met in a private gathering in Washington DC on Oct. 25.

"What we want to do with the Latino Victory Project is build political power in the Latino community, so that the faces of Latinos are reflected not just in every level of government but in the policies that drive the country forward," Latino Victory Project president Cristobal Alex recently told the Washington Post.

The well-known Latino activists have a bit of experience in political fundraising. Longoria and Munoz were also instrumental in the Futuro Futuro, an effort that raised more than $300 million to help in the election of President Barack Obama.

Back in June the US House of Representations blocked an effort by Obama to stop the deportation of young undocumented immigrants who would fall under his DREAM Act provisions. The vote was across clear-cut party lines, with only six Republicans voting in opposition.

One outspoken opponent of Obama's plan was US Rep. Steve King of Iowa's 4th Congressional District. King hosted a special press conference on the issue at the Capitol on June 19.

"Congress does not have an obligation to resolve the issue of the 11 million to 33 million people who are here illegally," King told Newsmax shortly afterward. "They came here on their own. They came here to live in the shadows.

"There's no moral calling for us to solve the problem that they created for themselves," he adds. "They can easily solve it just by returning to the country where they can live legally."

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