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Miami Heat News, Trade & Roster Updates: What will the Starting Lineup Look Like for the 2014-15 Season?

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It has been something of a turbulent time for fans of the Miami Heat in recent months. To go from the great high of back-to-back basketball championships to the low of coming up short on the three-peat thanks to the Spurs and losing one-third of your big three would take a toll on anyone.

That said, Miami fans do have a lot of reasons to be grateful. Sure Lebron James has gone back to his home team, but they still have a pretty strong starting five and enough depth on the bench to make a strong case for the post season once again.

Dwayne Wade

Coming off of a somewhat lackluster showing in Team USA during the FIBA World Cup, Wade is ready to come back to his team and make a big splash. Him managing to make 54.4% of shots from the field was a career high for Wade, but he has also taken time during the offseason to lose weight in an effort to lessen the impact on his knees. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra will no doubt want Wade to be more of a closer than he had to be when James was playing. Time will tell how much of a modification he will need to ensure the success of the Heat.

Chris Bosh

Bosh has a lot of opportunity this season to do big things in Miami; he has recommitted for five years and without Lebron James on the court, can really enforce himself as the face of the franchise. He's a major focal point of the new offense for the team so expect him to find renewed efforts in the 2014-15 season

Mario Chalmers

Here is someone who actually may be glad that James has mcontributor Cleveland. Chalmers may have honestly been on the chopping block if Miami had to keep Lebron, but as it stands he will be playing with the Heat for at least two more years. Granted he has become the scapegoat for all of the problems that his team faced in the finals last season, but if he can keep that chip on his shoulder and turn it into a positive hunger to contribute on the court there may still be room for the six-year vet to step into the leadership role that many say he deserves.

Luol Deng

Miami believes that Deng's eight-figure salary will end up paying bigger dividends in the long run and honestly, they may not be wrong. The man simply addresses too many of the things Miami struggles with to skimp out on the final paycheck. He plays his defense hard, he is combative on the boards and has the physical size necessary to support his athleticism. Deng is a big asset for this team next season, so hopefully they use him well.

Josh McRoberts

The Charlotte Bobcats are not exactly known for breeding superstars. but it would be a mistake to sleep on the upside that Josh McRoberts has. He knows how to spread the floor effectively with 36.1 precent success from beyond the three point line and gets around five rebounds a game. He's also only 27-years-old meaning that he can still be molded and shaped to be successful in the long run. Add in physicality, size and an elbow to the throat of Lebron James and you have the makings of a valuable contributor to the Miami starting five.

There's no doubt that the loss of Lebron took a lot of steam out of the machine of Miami. But they are still a team with talent and from the looks of their newest additions, they're looking to fix their past mistakes. The start of the season will tell if it is enough to get them into the conversation for another championship.

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