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GoPro Hero 4 Camera Release Date, Specs & Features: HTC Rival in the Works?

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GoPro might have monopolized the extreme sports industry for some time but now, HTC's rumored 16MP camera, which is also assumed as waterproof, will be making entrance. Bloomberg reported that this will be HTC's first camera. It is also said to connect with Android and iOS devices, through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Or maybe it could be a camera accessory instead, as suggested by Mobile Syrup. The source is keen about HTC's previous camera development efforts, recalling One M8 and its dual-camera array which enabled depth capturing. This allowed users to adjust the focus of their photos after shooting. Such feature is reported to be similar to the Lytro or Focus Later by Nokia.

TechnoBuffalo reported that the alleged camera accessory could also be somewhere between GoPro and Sony's QX lineup. But whatever the camera or camera-related device truly is, iStreet Research believes that the upcoming HTC device will be in stiff competition with GoPro Hero 4.

The GoPro-like camera is not the only shooter under HTC's sleeve. A confirmed "selfie phone" is also the town's talk.

GSMArena shared that the company sent out invitations for an October 8 event, which might have something to do with cameras. Dubbed as "Double Exposure", the graphic invitation is a definite teaser, with no specific information provided.

GoPro 4 Hero Rumors

Predecessors of GoPro Hero 4 have often come out around fall each year and so such pattern hints that the new device could be out next month. However, these speculations cited by Christian Today could go wrong, as current reports suggest that the high-end camera will arrive on March 2015.

The GoPro Hero 4 is reported by Hallels to own the ability of recording videos at a lower resolution. It will reportedly compensate with a higher frame rate of 1080p at 120fps.

In addition, the camera may capture images both in light and dark, powered by a 13MP sensor. The camera's HD qualities could be ideal for extreme activities whether during day or night.

Other rumored specs and features include multi exposure, HDR WDR tone mapping, electronic image stabilizer, improved MCTF, dual-core A9, a 1GHz ARM Cortex processor, MP / BP / MJPEG support, HP Level 5.1formats, Wi-Fi preset, HDMI port and FPU accelerator.

The camera's ability to shoot 60 meters deep underwater is another highly-anticipated edge. All of the above will most likely cost around $500, said Air Herald.

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