Updated 06:46 AM EDT, Tue, Apr 20, 2021

iPhone 6 Update: This iPhone Trade-In Deal Could Get You $350 Towards the iPhone 6

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Are you looking to upgrade to a new iPhone 6 but don't want to sign up for a 2-year contract? We might have some good news for you. Now buying an iPhone off-contract is no cheap proposition; Apple's phones are some of the most expensive devices when it comes to retail value. Enter Gazelle, who'll buy back your current phone and give you cash for it. Apparently, Gazelle wants you're old iPhone so bad, they are running a special promotion that'll give you up to $350 if you agree to it today.

What makes this deal even better is that you don't have to give up your current iPhone until Oct. 10, but you have to agree to trading your phone in now, apparently. If you're interested in this deal, you should do it sooner rather than later, because according to Gazelle, the value of iPhones is dropping by the minute in the lead up to the iPhone 6's launch. 

Gazelle will accept your old iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, and even iPhone 4. You'll want to go here to their iPhone offer page to check out their deals. Even if you do score the full $350 for your old iPhone, just remember that the iPhone 6 could retail anywhere from $600 to $1,000. Yep. So you're still going to need to come up with some serious money to score one off-contract. Good thing you've been saving up, right?

Apple will announce the iPhone 6 tomorrow on Tuesday, Sept. 9, so expect full pricing info to be available then. There should also be two different iPhone 6 models to choose from, a 4.7-inch version and a 5.5-inch version. Specs are expected to be identical for both versions in terms of the internal hardware. 

And if you're looking to pick up an iPhone 6 on-contract with a carrier but aren't sure if you qualify for an upgrade, you'll want to head over here and checkout our upgrade guide. We've made it easy to check your upgrade eligibility for each of the four major carriers. Though, bear in mind that even if you do qualify for an upgrade, you'll most likely be paying for some or all of the phone's retail value up front or over the life of the contract.

Be sure to check back with us in the coming weeks for all your iPhone 6 coverage. We will be bringing you the absolute latest news and updates for all-things-iPhone 6. Also, don't forget that Apple is due to unveil the iWatch alongside the iPhone 6 on Sept. 9, and October should see announcements from Apple on the iPad Air 2 and OSX Yosemite.

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