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Anderson Silva Next Fight & Leg Recovery News Update: Nick Diaz Won't Trash Talk The Spider, Says Soares

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With Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz set to meet during the main event of UFC 183, The Spider's manager Ed Soares said he does not believe that Diaz will trash talk his opponent.

The match which is set to happen on Jan. 31, 2015 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada will bring two players who are expected by many to engage in verbal exchanges during prior to their fight.

But Soares believes otherwise. He told Submission Radio that he sees Diaz "taking a different approach" on the upcoming fight.

"I don't think Nick Diaz has anything personal against Anderson Silva. I think Nick Diaz looks at Anderson Silva as a true, real martial art challenge and he believes he's got what it takes to be able to fight him," he added.

SB Nation reported that this change in approach could be attributed to Diaz's respect to Silva whom he expects is a difficult opponent for him.

"Most of the time, Nick doesn't start off with the trash talking. It's normally somebody else that starts off with the trash talking and he kind of finishes it off. But Nick Diaz overall, I don't see him much as a guy that starts off talking trash," Soares also noted.

Last year was a big blow to Silva's career after he broke his leg during a championship match against Chris Weidman. The loss, according to MMA Frenzy, was his second defeat against Weidman. Since then, he has undergone surgery and therapy to recover from his leg break injury. His match against Diaz is his comeback fight.

Soares said that Silva is "doing great," making the right kicks and doing everything to be in the right fighting form. The MMA fighter's manager also noted that there will be great improvement once he comes back on the ring after his injury and recovery.

"I think that's going to be the biggest motivation, just seeing Anderson back to what he once was. I believe that there got a point in Anderson's career where maybe subconsciously he forgot what it was like not to be champ, and I think now he's kinda looking up at that hill realizing that he's got some more challenges to conquer," he was quoted by MMA Frenzy as saying.

Yahoo Sports, on the other hand, said that both fighters have "mastered" various styles of "psychological intimidation" for the longest time they have been with the UFC but said that they also know how to cope with these strategies.

For fans, they are only anticipating of bloody verbal exchange between the two players before the fight as Diaz is known to be a fighter who tries to demolish his opponents' strategy and confidence with his words.

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