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The Top 10 Latin Pop Songs This Week

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As summer slowly begins to wind down, the number of warm weather barbeques and outside parties will undoubtedly be dwindling. With the limited amount of time left, we've assembled a list of the top Latin songs of the week. In preparation for the weekend, we suggest that you download or buy the songs on our list so you can be ready to crank it up whenever the opportunity should arise. Whether its Enrique Iglesias, who continues to rock the charts, or the smooth talking Romeo Santos, who's right for any occasion, we've got you covered.

Enrique Iglesias- Bailando

Enrique refuses to leave the top spot of the Latin charts. His new song "Bailando" is a mainstay on every major radio station in the country. Whether you choose to listen to English or Spanish version, there are little treats that each one has. Sean Paul is a great addition to the English version, but overall we feel that the Spanish version captures the true character of the jam.

Romeo Santos- Eres Mia    

Going for a late night drive with your significant other? This is the perfect mood setting song that will be sure to set you both straight. Santos continues to intrigue fans with his soft and sweet voice.

Romeo Santos- Propuesta Indecente

Romeo slows down the beat a bit with this hit. We think it feels perfect for a lighthearted dance. Remember to maintain eye contact and smile.  


Romeo Santos- Odio

There's only good vibes with this song. Overall, it's a great way to close out your night on the town.

J Balvin- 6AM

If you plan on staying up until 6 a.m. keep this song in mind. J Balvin does not disappoint, trust us, we know.

Enrique Iglesias- El Perdedor

Making his second appearance on our list of best Latin hits, Enrique goes back to his original roots with this soft melodic flow.

Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga- No Mi Pidas Peron

All we hear are trumpets, and we love it.

Gerado Ortiz- Quien Se Anima

The only thing you need to know about jamming along with Gerado Ortiz, is that you better have brought your cowboy boots and hat.

Luis Coronel- Tenerte

The soft fluid delivery of Luis Coronel is a must have for any lull moments of a party.  


Prince Royce- Soy el Mismo

No list would be complete without Prince Royce. Just make sure to stay quiet and let Prince Royce do the talking.

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