Updated 03:45 AM EST, Tue, Nov 30, 2021

Broncos' DeMarcus Ware to Teach Peyton Manning How to Dance

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DeMarcus Ware, who plays defensive end for the Denver Broncos, has a few dancing tips for quarterback Peyton Manning.

In an interview with USA Today, Ware said that he feels like a rookie after being with a new team for the first time in nine years. But the same report said that the player's rookie feeling did not stop him from making fun of Manning who recently caught the world's attention when he danced to "Rocky Top."

"I've seen that chicken dance and I knew exactly when he started dancing that it was going to be a big debacle. I told him, I said 'you got to step it up a little bit. You got to make sure you add some Cupid Shuffle in there, maybe some Electric Slide ...'" Ware told USA Today.

Last month, Manning exhibited his dance moves through a dorky dance when "Rocky Top" played during a team stretch in their training camp, CBC said in a report.

Broncos linebacker, Von Miller, said he enjoyed Manning's performance. "It was his day to pick the music, so it wasn't a surprise to me what it was going to be. It was Peyton's day, so it was all good."

Another Broncos defensive end, Mitch Unrein, said that he liked the song that Manning danced to, noting that it reminded him of when Wyoming went out to Tennessee and the Broncos beat them 13-7.

"Yeah, they played that song in our locker room for a week straight before we went out there, so it was just stuck in my head. But yeah, Peyton had a nice dance out there. I was trying to mimic him a little bit. But I just couldn't do a good job doing that," he told CBC.

It wasn't all dancing and fun, though. Manning was recently irked with the Broncos performance. Denver Post reported that the dancing player hated how his team played.

"That story oughta die after today's performance on whatever that is, Field 2 over there I thought our offense stunk today. I thought their defense kicked our butt. We will learn from the film, and hopefully we come out (Wednesday) and do a better job from a player's standpoint and execute well," he told Denver Post.

He also commented that his team really did a "bad" work.

"Were you watching?" Manning asked the media as he fumed with frustration.

Denver Post said that Manning "reacts to moments" and that he wants his teammates to also play close attention to details. The report added that he works and practices extra hours not because he has to but because he wants to.

Now his teammates would just have to decide if they will heed Manning's concerns to somehow improve the team's game.

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