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Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones: Ex-Olympic Wrestler's Funny Response to 'Fourth Place' Joke

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If you're not from Mars, you'll know that there's this tit-for-tat going on between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, who figure in a postponed UFC light heavyweight match. Well, there's a new installment on Twitter, from Cormier's side of the fence.

After Jon Jones took a shot at Daniel Cormier for finishing fourth at the Olympics, Cormier came up with the "perfect retaliatory tweet" to equalize with Jones' latest verbal offense, Bloody Elbow reported. Jones heckled Cormier on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" for his fourth-place finish in the Olympics. Watch it here.

He was unable to compete at the London and Beijing Olympics. The joke referred to the 2004 games held in Athens, where he finished a spot shy of a podium finish.

Cormier, to counter that, dug up photos of his opponent looking miserable with his own fourth place finish back in high school--Matt Riddle placed above Jones, the report pointed out.

The attack was done "belatedly," MMA Junkie commented, explaining that it was made for an Aug. 6 incident. Two days before then, it added, the fighters figured in an on-stage brawl at a UFC 178 media stop in Las Vegas.

According to MMA Frenzy, Cormier was himself a standout at Oklahoma State University, with dreams to claim an Olympic gold. Jones, on the other hand, was a national champion from Iowa Central Community College.

"These two are going to let the other off the hook" until the January faceoff, the report said, but all that is not enough, according to another report.

There's "only sadness," the Bleacher Report said on the Aug. 12 pull out. Jon Jones could have exchanged kicks and punches with one of a few fighters who had it in them to match his every move, supposedly making the match "the biggest fight of 2014."

Adding to all the vitriol was the personal dislike going on between the two because, as the report said, "they really, really don't like each other, as evidenced by the constant trash talk, both in public and semiprivate, and the scrum that concussed an innocent backdrop at UFC 178 media day."

Now that everyone has to wait until UFC 182 in January next year, thanks but no thanks to Jones' ankle sprain and torn meniscus, all that hate has considerably subsided - and it's not a good thing, at least for Bleacher Report.

Before the Jones injury, the two took the confrontation to press conferences, social media and even off-camera, Bloody Elbow said.

All the bad vibes, a publicity magnet for the MMA industry, should not have to take a break, it said, adding that the parties involved should "further escalate the tensions," no lull period and no reboot just before the fight--only constant grudge where opportunity presents itself, because it is "not hard."

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