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PGA Tour Outwits Jimmy Fallon's Superlatives; Find Out the Hilarious Response

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On August 13, PGA Tours replied to Jimmy Fallon with a tweet that equals one "#nuffsaid," with attitude.

It was a "perfect response," For The Win said. The vengeful tweet now has nearly 2,000 favorites.

On Monday night, Jimmy Fallon poked fun at the field of PGA Tour players on "The Tonight Show," in a segment that PGA.com calls "hilarious."

It was a comeback of his Tonight Show Superlatives segment, which gives awards to "the most likely to...," Golf.com explained, singling out the doppelganger of Harry Styles, the Brad Pitt/David Spade lovechild category.

The latter went to Victor Dubuisson, the Golf Digest cited. "Most likely to be the love child of a high David Spade and a drunk Brad Pitt," he said.

In that portion of the show, he leveraged his jokes on the headshots of the athletes, the PGA.com report said. He targetted the likes of Miguel Angel Jimenez (Hardest Rockin' Biden), Rickie Fowler (Metrosexual Ernie), Rory McIlroy (Most likely to be in a golf boy band called "Hole-in-One Direction")--although the article noted that he pronounced some names incorrectly.

CBS Sports also saw it as a funny gesture for Fallon, saying it "is always great" for the "golf addict" to make fun of golf.

It even pointed out that the best parts of the PGA Championship breakdown included his impersonation of Angel Cabrera needing to go to the bathroom as "the most likely to run to the bathroom after taking this photo" and the new career for champion McIlroy.

The host clearly "gets golf," Golf Digest said, adding that he might have broadcasted "the talk-show golf video of the year." It also quipped that Brendon de Jonge (Most likely to be the love child of Satan and an egg), Chris Kirk (Most likely to say, "Enjoy your stay. They all do..." while handing over your motel room key) and Kevin Stadler (Most likely to wiggle his fingers and say "Don't mind if I do" when he sees a donut) would opt not to send holiday cards to him this year.

But what can you do? Yahoo Sports said skipping Fallon's show "is a crime against laughter," with much success since the host took over the show from Jay Leno.

In a Golf Digest interview, Fallon said he is loving golf, adding: "Jimmy Fallon is trying to be a golfer, but right now he's a guy who plays golf. I'm trying my hardest, and I love to play, but if I'm in front of a crowd, I just want to make them laugh."

At least we now know Kirk was not offended, per a Yahoo Sports update. In a tweet, he said he needs to get himself a new headshot, and then attached the link for everybody's pleasure.

The funny bit definitely resonates with the YouTube crowd since the video now boasts of more than 400,000 views.

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