Updated 05:56 AM EST, Sun, Dec 05, 2021

6 Patients Tested for Ebola in New York, News Withheld from Public According to CNN's Dr Gupta

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The Ebola virus was suspected to have hit New York this week when a patient who had recently travelled to West Africa began showing what some in the medical field thought were Ebola symptoms. The man had arrived at a Manhattan hospital on Sunday.

News later came out that the man was tested, along with six other patients who also bore symptoms of the virus.

"A man who was tested for Ebola at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital on Monday is "unlikely" to have the virus, the city's health department said," reports the Washington post.

He was reportedly place in an isolation unit at the hospital as doctors try to determine his illness. It's still not clear what's giving the man symptoms that reportedly may resemble Ebola.

The information also appeared on CNN when Dr. Sanjay Gupta shared the news with Wolf Blitzer, according to Breibart.com: "There have been about a half-a-dozen patients who have had their blood tested because of the concern. Those particular patients, their stories were not made public. This patient was," Gupta said referring to the man who was originally mentioned. "I'm not sure if that's because of heightened concern by the hospital or what that means exactly. But, again, we just can't say for sure until the final tests come back and you know, they want to be sure on this. It takes about a day or so."

The media's coverage of this possible Ebola patient in New York has caused panic for some people. As the website Quartz explains: "If your Twitter feed is anything like mine, news that Ebola might have turned up in Manhattan is freaking out a lot of Americans.

"Helpful" bits of commentary include as that it's "deadly incurable," has a 90 percent fatality rate, and causes "a hemorrhagic fever that eventually leads to a complete bleed-out."

Today's news merely amplifies the anxiety that's been building since word got out that two Americans infected with Ebola have been moved to US hospitals for treatment. "

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