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These 5 Telenovelas are the Best Latino Soaps of All Time

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Sometimes we all need a little dramatic pause in our lives, and there's only one place to get such a thing: telenovelas.

That's right, folks. Latin soaps are everything ever. They're full of escandalo! and heartache, and the over-the-top antics are just the right dosage to cure whatever's ailing ya.

So if you're in need of some drama in your life, flip to one of these good old soaps. It'll fix things right up.

Here are the top five most awesome telenovelas of all time. Just make sure you don't get too suckered in, all right? Otherwise you might start a fire from all that on-screen heat, and nobody wants that.

5. Dos Mujeres un Camino

Dos Mujeres was the best because it was...well...just the best. Everything about it was dramatic and over the top, from Johnny, the Mexican truck driver, and his complicated old love life on down.

Good old Johnny was a truck driver during the time when NAFTA was a relatively new thing -- so he's traveling back and forth from Mexico to the U.S. -- and he falls in love with this super young waitress named Tanya. Only thing is? He's married, and he didn't bother to tell his chickie on the side.

Oh, and not only that, but Johnny's enemies in Tijuana are kind of awful, and they blame him for the death of this young kid he didn't actually kill. It's all very dramatic, and (spoiler alert) Tanya dies while Johnny is trying to decide whether he loves her or his wife better. But it all works out in the end (not really) because he reconciles with his wife, Ana Maria, who then leaves him after he calls out Tanya's name in her sleep.

Only Dos Mujeres could have a plot line where the wife is so jealous of a dead girlfriend that she takes off. Seriously.

4. Marimar

90s soaps for the win! Well, especially 90s soaps that showcase the inimitable Thalia, who was cast as Marimar, the namesake of the show.

So Marimar is set basically on the beach in this hut -- as you can tell, this already starts off being quite awesome just from the scenery -- where the young chick Marimar falls in love with rich ol' moneybags Sergio. But Sergio's evil stepmother Angelica isn't going for that whole thing -- Marimar is way too broke for her taste -- so she sets her up for "stealing" Angelica's bracelet, and poor old broke Marimar gets sent to prison.

It gets very confusing from there -- Marimar gets released from prison, realizes she's pregnant, finds her birth dad, has a baby, gets all fancy, and etc etc etc -- but the one thing that's not confusing is that it's awesome.

Also, at the end of it, Angelica gets into a bad car wreck and is all burned and on her death bed, and she requests Marimar be burned alive in her house as her dying wish. Uh, could you get any more wicked? Nah. This soap was the best.

3. Pasion de Gavilanes

So, Pasion is a Colombian soap, but the show ran in more than 100 freakin' countries, which means it was like, bigger than big. You know?

Perhaps that's because the show was like, epically dramatic.The plot follows around a group of siblings, all of whom are tragically flawed, as any good soap would have it. There's Libia, Franco, Oscar and Juan. Oh, and Libia dies after she jumps off of a cliff into a like all dramatic-like. But we'll get to that. (Or not. That would take forever because this show went on 188 episodes.)

We'll just tell you about Juan Reyes instead. Juan is Libia's brother and he falls in love with Norma while attempting to avenge his sister's death. She's married, but her husband is this wicked old dude who forced her into it so it's fine.

However, she's terribly traumatized from a brutal rape years before and she can't let a man touch her --even her husband -- at least until that stud Juan shows up. They hook up, marry, and have a baby. The end, basically.

2. El Senor de los Cielos

If we were ranking solely on hotness, El Senor de los Cielos would be number 1, time and time again. Have you seen this guy? He's amazing.

But we're not, so it's in the second spot. But that's pretty good, considering how many telenovelas there actually are floating around out there. Here's why it's awesome.

This show follows the "life" of Amado Carrillo Fuentes as he works his way up to becoming a Mexican drug lord and leader of the Juarez Cartel during the '80s and '90s . He's "Lord of the Skies" because of this big old fleet of aircraft he uses to transport all those drugs -- he's pretty fancy, you know -- and that whole plane setup cost him about $20 million bucks, so you know he's rich and pretty.

What happens is that the DEA decides he's one of the most dangerous drug lords in the world and they go after him. He tries to change his appearance with plastic surgery to skirt authorities and he dies under the knife. But really, it's kind of the universe telling him not to mess with such a pretty man-face, no?

And that's pretty much the end of it. The hot man dies, but he was super rich and hot while he was alive, which is good enough for us.

1. Corazon Indomable

Ooh, ooh! Wild at Heart! Corazon Indomable is the best because it's a remake of Miramar, only better.

Miramar becomes Maricruz, and this time she's in love with Octavio, who is of course rich, while she is dirt poor. Those rags-to-riches stories get us every time. Octavio is awesome cause he defends the poor Maricruz, despite her beef with his sister, Lucia.

Pretty much the same thing happens in terms of Maricruz being set up for robbery by Lucia, what with the whole jail thing and whatever, but in the end Maricruz ends up all right. Well, perhaps more than all right, since she's hot and runs a casino by the time she gets through all her dramatic years.

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