Updated 06:58 AM EST, Tue, Jan 19, 2021

Funny Video Shows Kids' Reaction to Vintage Apple II Computer

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The popular YouTube series "Kids React," started by the Fine Brothers came up with another installment on Sunday. This time, it shows young kids reacting hilariously on a very old Apple II computer set.

The latest video addition to the famous YouTube channel is entitled "Kids React to Old Computer." It starts off with the description of the old Apple II computer which was first launched in the market way back in 1977.

According to BGR, when the kids were asked to get some tasks done with the vintage gadget, not even one of them figured out how to turn it on.

When they could not also find any applications or games for that matter, one of them even said without hesitation, "And I also don't get the 1970s."

The latest episode of the YouTube show features kids ranging from 6 to 13 years old who all became extremely confused with the Apple II. The gadget is known to be one of the first ever mass-produced computers made by Steve Wozniak, iDownloadBlog mentions.

It was in March when the same channel also uploaded a YouTube video showing kids of today reacting to the old school rotary phone, iPhone in Canada reports. They were all eventually handed an iPhone after the entire funny video shoot ended.

Any adult who would watch the "Kids React to Old Computer" funny video would certainly feel old but the video may mean so much more for the kids. The exposure could certainly be helpful for children who have no idea what technology was like way back then.

It is the perfect throwback Thursday video to watch for anyone who is curious on how far, modern and advanced technology has come to be and will still turn out a decade from now, states GeekyRant.

The Fine Brothers is made up of Benny and Rafi Fine who have been popular in the online world with their video series based on different reactions. Some of their famous shows include "Teens React," "YouTubers React," and even "Elders React."

Watch the "Kids React to Old Computer" video yourself below.

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