Updated 12:58 AM EDT, Wed, Apr 21, 2021

EA Sports UFC: Creative Director Talks Graphics, Create-a-Fighter & Including Bruce Lee [Video]

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EA Sports UFC is preparing to make its mark.

It has already announced that Bruce Lee will be a playable character, and the images that have been released show lifelike crowds. Still, there is a lot that has yet to be revealed, according to Bleacher Report. That's why UFC's Junior dos Santos Tweeted, "While the images we've seen answer some questions about the game, there's still a lot we don't know. Will the create-a-fighter suite allow us to use the GameFace feature?"

Brian Hayes, the creative director for the game, cleared up some of these questions in an interview.

"We announced the partnership with UFC almost two years ago now. The very next day is when we started process work on this title," Hayes said about creating the graphics for the game. The team is trying to be "groundbreaking" with its graphics, and it's still working on them to this day.

The game will support game face technology, and Hayes promises that it will be high visual quality as well. He didn't go too in-depth because the team is still a few weeks away from releasing more details.

He confirmed that there is no fighter share option because of legalities.

He also spoke about critics who question Bruce Lee being included.

"I think we knew early on that there's a wide spectrum of Bruce Lee fans and a wide spectrum of UFC and mixed-martial arts fans. And one other spectrum you probably have MMA fans, UFC fans that would look at Bruce Lee and say, 'Well you know, he never really competed. He was just an actor. He did movie stuff. He doesn't really belong in the UFC," he said, before further elaborating that some Bruce Lee fans would say he didn't believe in what the UFC stands for.

Hayes continued, "In the middle, I believe there's just a vast majority of people that realize and recognize that Bruce Lee was a tremendous athlete that was tremendously influential in the world of martial arts. Some of his philosophies are what laid the groundwork for the meshing of styles."

The game is scheduled to be released in June.

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