Updated 04:04 AM EDT, Thu, Oct 28, 2021

Loch Ness Monster Found on Apple Maps by Nessie Trackers [Photos]

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After going M.I.A. for a year and a half, it seems like the Loch Ness Monster may have finally been spotted by Apple, Inc.'s satellite map app.

According to Loch Ness Monster trackers, a satellite image of the mythical creature lurking in the Scottish Highlands can be seen on some iPads and iPhones, reports the Mirror.

This is big news for Nessie enthusiast like Gary Campbell, the president of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, who reported back in February that Nessie had not been seen in 18 months

"It's very upsetting news and we don't know where she's gone," said Campbell, who has put together a list of sightings that dates back 1,500 years, according to BBC News. "The number of sightings has been reducing since the turn of the century but this is the first time in almost 90 years that Nessie wasn't seen at all."

Now, Loch Ness Monster believers may be in luck since Apple's satellite map app allegedly found the legendary creature swimming below the surface of the world famous loch, just south of Dores.

The pictures were captured by two amateur hunters, Peter Thain and Andy Dixon, as they were using an iPhone satellite map app. Dixon told the Daily Mail that he stumbled upon the discovery by accident.

"I was trawling through satellite transmissions of different parts of the country and I thought I would try Loch Ness. I could see something big under the water and I saved it to my phone. My first thought was that it was the monster and I contacted Gary Campbell of the Official Loch Ness Monster Club," he said.

In reponse, Campbell has dismissed naysayers who say the Apple image could be a boat. "It cannot be a boat as there is no hull. It's just below the surface - the size would make it likely to be Nessie," he said.

Three reports of possible Nessie sightings in 2013 were later determined to be discredited. Three purported photos of the creature from last year turned out to be a wave, a duck and a picture that was not taken on the Loch Ness lake.

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