Updated 10:17 PM EDT, Thu, Apr 22, 2021

MLB 14 The Show: New PS4 Trailer Released, Watch What It Looks Like in 1080p

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May 6 is right around the corner, which means the PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14 The Show is almost here.

Sony released a new trailer for the PS4 version on Thursday. The less than two-minute trailer says, "Baseball is better on the PS4" in the video's title. While the video's description says, "The future of baseball has arrived, and it's better than ever. MLB 14 The Show is the definitive next gen baseball experience and it's only available on PlayStation. Welcome to The Show."

The new stadiums show off a very detailed audience. There is a redone lighting engine, and grass and facial hair is also more precise than ever, according to Gamespot.

On the PlayStation Blog, SCEA community manager Ramone Russell further elaborated: "On display are the completely rebuilt stadiums, the redone lighting engine (check out the self-shadowing at night), vastly more detailed crowds, grass and player hair rendered down to the last blade/strand, and much more. Plus, since all three versions of MLB 14 The Show (PS3, PS4, and PS Vita) support cross save functionality, anyone who already picked up this year's game will be able to easily carry their progress over to the PS4 when it launches."

Anyone who has seen a side-by-side comparison of the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game knows that the graphics have vastly improved from the old generation to the new generation of consoles.

Sony has not discussed if there's an upgrade program for those that want the new game but have already bought the PS3 version. GameStop is offering a discount, though.

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