Updated 12:24 PM EST, Mon, Jan 18, 2021

'La Gata' Cast Returns From New York and Goes to Guerrero [Photos]

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"La Gata" was in New York last week filming new scenes, but it's now back in Mexico, specifically in Guerrero.

Daniel Arenas and Jorge Poza were spotted in Guerrero. And Jesús Radilla Calderón, who is the secretary of tourism for the state, shared images on Twitter, notes TV Y Novelas. The images provide a small peek into what we can expect from the Nathallie Lartilleux-helmed telenovela.

Calderón didn't waste any time taking pictures with the famous faces. He posed alongside Daniel Arenas and Paloma Ruiz. With both Arenas and Ruiz, he posed in front of a mural. Behind them was a cathedral-like building as well as many other homes.

One of the more telling images featured Daniel Arenas and Jorge Poza in a mine. They wore blue hard hats, a bright orange vest and jeans. Perhaps what proves that this isn't their everyday jobs is that one of them seems to be wearing a long sleeve dress shirt beneath his vest.

Another image shows two of the actors on lounge chairs, where they are perhaps poolside. The man reads as the woman seems to talk to him. This scene was shot at a hotel, and the woman is smiling, so it might not be a dramatic scene.

The last image shows a group around a table, which appears to be a practice scene as people have scripts in their hands. If you look closely, you'll see Paloma Ruiz is on the second floor overlooking the courtyard, and she is wearing a white robe. There's also a maid that's approaching the scene.

The show will premiere on May 5, and there's already a trailer.

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