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Super Smash Bros. Release Dates: 3DS Version Out This Summer; Wii Version Out Winter

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Nintendo held a 40-minute presentation dedicated to Super Smash Bros., and announced more information about the upcoming game.

Instead of releasing both games at the same time, Nintendo has decided to give each its own release date, which is not too strange. But the release dates are separated by a few months. The 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. will be available in summer; while the Wii version will be available in winter 2015. Nintendo did not give an exact release date, according to Forbes.

As for the online play, if you're playing with friends, then you have more options. When you play with others, you have two modes to choose from: For Fun and For Glory, reported Game Spot.

The For Fun stages are random, and only wins are recorded. It won't include Final Destination. For Glory battles are all on Final Destination. There are no items, and one-on-one battles are possible. Both your wins and losses will be recorded.

There will be an exclusive Smash Run mode version on the 3Ds game, which is inspired by Kirby's Air Ride. It's a four-player dungeon where you collect power-ups meant to increase speed and defense. Five minutes later, you enter a battle.

One of the biggest pieces of news is that Charizard will be featured.

The fire Pokémon appeared toward the end of the presentation, and he's not the only new Pokémon. Greninja will also be a playable character, according to Polygon. Lucario and Pikachu have already been featured the game in past versions.

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