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WWE Raw Results for Mar. 31, 2014: Daniel Bryan Defends Title in "Raw After Wrestlemania 30" Show

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The show kicked off with Daniel Bryan, the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Triple H in a singles match early in the Wrestlemania 30 card and later beating Randy Orton and Batista in a Triple Threat bout in the main event, celebrating his two Sunday night victories. Triple H disrupted the festivities and scheduled Bryan to defend the title against himself in the main event. Orton and Batista came down to the ring, both annoyed they were being bypassed for a title rematch, to complain about the WWE COO abusing his power. Triple H then remedied their problem by scheduling them in a WWE Tag Team title match on Raw.

6-Man Tag Team match: The Wyatts vs John Cena, Sheamus, and Intercontinental Champion Big E
The Wyatts got a measure of revenge for their clan leader, Bray Wyatt - who lost to Cena in a singles match at Wrestlemania 30, at the expense of the Intercontinental Champion Big E, who ate an Luke Harper boot to the face before succumbing to Wyatt's Sister Abigail for the loss.
Winner: The Wyatts

Mixed Tag Team match: Fandango & Summer Rae vs Santino & Emma
Santino watched his new buddy's back, taking out Fandango with The Cobra as Emma made Summer Rae tap out to the EmmaLock.
Winner: Santino & Emma

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came to the ring to remind everyone that Lesnar made history on Sunday, saying his client put the "the one" in the Dead Man's 21-1 Wrestlemania record.

WWE Tag Team title match: The Usos (champions) vs Randy Orton & Batista
The Evolution reunion did not last too long, with both former champions showing their displeasure as far as the events in the last 48 hours, by laying out the Usos despite receiving a tag team title shot. The defending champions were decimated outside the ring early in the match after the referee lost control of the bout, with the "The Viper" and "The Animal" making an example of the Usos.
Winners & still champions: The Usos via DQ

Damien Sandow vs Rob Van Dam
RVD returned to the WWE and taught Sandow what he is capable, with the former Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) champion defeating the "Intellectual Savior of the Masses" with a Five-Star Frog-Splash to win the bout.
Winner: Rob Van Dan

Wade Barrett vs Rey Mysterio
"Bad News" Barrett also returned to the ring on Monday out after months out action due to injury and visa issues, defeating Rey Mysterio after he tripped the Mexican high-flyer while he was on the top turnbuckle and nailed him with the Bull Hammer to earn the pin.
Winner: Wade Barrett

Zach Ryder vs Alexander Rusev
NXT's Rusov made his main roster Raw debut Monday night, forcing Ryder to submit to his Camel Clutch-like finisher, The Accolade.
Winner: Alexander Rusov

WWE Divas Championship match: AJ Lee (champion) vs Paige
AJ Lee and Tamina came out to brag about her victory over 14 other WWE divas to retain the title, saying she was the best diva in the world. NXT Diva Champion Paige, came out to congratulate her before AJ's ego got the best of her, demanding the rookie fight for the title since she is out of challenges. Paige hit the champion with her Paige Turner finisher to win her Raw debut and the WWE Divas Championship.
Winner: Paige

Cesaro vs Jack Swagger
Hulk Hogan came out to present Cesaro with the Andre the Giant Trophy for his victory in the inaugural Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Cesaro came out with Zeb Colter, who took his client's credit for his hard work. Cesaro interrupted him to inform him that he is now a "Heyman Guy", firing Colter for Paul Heyman's services. Swagger came down the ring and attacked Cesaro, destroying his trophy. A match was set between the two Real American former tag team partners with the bout ending after Swagger left frustrated by the whole mess, fleeing the ring with Colter and taking a count-out loss.
Winner: Cesaro via count-out

WWE World Heavyweight Championship match: Daniel Bryan (champion) vs Triple H

Prior to the main event, Stephanie McMahon was backstage with Kane and The Shield, ordering The Shield to put their differences aside with the WWE Director of Operations and to cost Daniel Bryan the title at all cost, telling "the Hounds of Justice" that the champion is an injustice to the company. Before the match started, Batista and Randy Orton attacked Bryan, setting him for Kane, who choked-slammed the newly minted champion. Triple H's music hits, demanding that the referee ring the bell for the match to start, looking to win the title from his worn-out opponent before The Shield came through the crowd to settle their problem with Kane. Kane, Orton, and Batista were ready to rumble with The Shield, but Triple H demanded all parties stand down until the match was over and he won the title. However, The Shield instead cleared the ring of The Authority, with the champion Bryan hitting Triple H with Flying Knee to end the show.

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