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WWE Raw Results for Mar. 31, 2014: Daniel Bryan Strikes Down "The Game" Triple H With Wrestlemania 30 Days Away

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What was suppose to be The Undertaker's "final message" ended with him eating the canvass after Brock Lesnar F5'd him with their match at Wrestlemania 30 set for his weekend. Lesnar did not go for the smoke-and-mirror tricks The Undertaker is used to playing on his opponents but Lesnar KO'd those plans, laying out "the Dead Man", as he puts his 21-0 Wrestlemania streak against "the Beast" on the line this Sunday.

Alberto Del Rio vs Intercontinental Champion Big E
Del Rio showed Big E why he held the world title at one point in his career, outsmarting the husky Intercontinental Champion kicking him down from the second turnbuckle and nailing him with a vicious Super-Kick for the pin.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Summer Rae vs Natalya
After showing highlights of a previous E! Total Divas in which the latest member of the reality show slapped the taste out of Natalya's in front of her home, a match was scheduled between the two as they prepare for their title match against WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. Summer Rae caught the "Dungeon Diva" with a high kick to her head, knocking her out to make the cover and earn the win.
Winner: Summer Rae

The Authority came down to discuss the end of Daniel Bryan's "YES! Movement" at Wrestlemania 30 before they were interrupted by both Batista and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, who made it clear to Triple H that they doubted he could beat Daniel Bryan. The WWE COO retaliated against his potential main event foes by ordering Batista against Orton in the Raw main event in a No Disqualification match.

8-Man Tag Team match: The Real Americans, Ryback & Curtis Axel vs Los Matadores & WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos
While the Usos will have to defend their titles against the other teams involved in this Raw match in the two-hour Wrestlemania 30 Pre-Show, the champion siblings teamed up with Matadores for a preview of what to expect Sunday night. Los Matadores used a little trickery to take the win for his team, with Diego illegally switching with Fernando after the referee lost control of the match, rolling up Jack Swagger and sneaking away with the win for his team.
Winner: Los Matadores & The Usos

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs Fandango & Damien Sandow
Rhodes and Goldust took advantage of the fact that Sandow and Fandango were inexperienced teaming up for the first time. Despite a solid debut by the new tag team duo, they could not overcome the siblings experience in the ring, with Goldust hitting The Final Cut on Sandow to take the victory for the former tag team champions.
Winner: Cody Rhodes

Bray Wyatt of The Wyatt Family (w/ Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) vs R-Truth (w/ Xavier Woods)
Wyatt made quick work of R-Truth, disposing of him with Sister Abigail, feeding R-Truth and Woods to his minions before celebrating their path of destruction. But the celebration did not last long, interrupted what seemed to be yet another unknown Wyatt member - disguised in a sheep mask much like Rowan's standing alongside the confused clan, only to reveal himself to be John Cena - Wyatt's Sunday night opponent. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on both Rowan and Harper before Wyatt made his escape to live on to fight on Sunday.
Winner: Bray Wyatt

LumberJill match: Naomi of The Funkadactyls vs WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee (non-title)
AJ got a small taste of what awaits her at Wrestlemania as she defends her title against 13 WWE divas including her Monday Night Raw opponent Naomi, who tossed the champion out of the ring and was swarmed by divas, who threw AJ back into the ring as she tried to escape, only to catch a kick to the face from Naomi to lose the bout.
Winner: Naomi

The Shield's Roman Reigns (w/ Seth Rollins & United States Champion Dean Ambrose) vs Kane
The WWE Universe got the opportunity to decide on Corporate Kane's opponent, choosing from the members of The Shield via the WWE app. Reigns got the nod, and the two behemoths went at it in the ring one-on-one until the Corporate New Age Outlaws decided to stick their noses into the match. Ambrose and Rollins not only made the save for their stablemate but they mutually decided to dismantle the "Big Corporate Monster" with a Triple Powerbomb, causing Reigns to get disqualified for the match but attaining some vengence for losing out on a WWE Tag Team title match.
Winner: Kane

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper held a Piper's Pit segment previewing the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal which ended with the participants of the battle royal brawling in the ring until the Big Show cleared house.

No Disqualification match: Batista vs WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton
With Triple H doing commentary, both Batista and Orton showed why they are called "The Animal" and "The Viper" respectively, using everything at their disposal to weaken one another after going into Wrestlemania 30's main event. Batista looked poised to win, setting up for a Batista Bomb only to have the champion reverse it on the challenger, who RKO'd Batista, leaving him down and out for the pin. But Orton ran outside after seeing Daniel Bryan attack Triple H. Bryan took out the champion and Batista before turning his attention to Triple H, beating him down with a Singapore cane until the WWE executive and his wife fled the ring, leaving Bryan to celebrate with his "YES! Movement" to end the show.
Winner: No contest 

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