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15 Facts You May Not Know About Selena on the Anniversary of Her Death

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Today marks 19 years since Selena's death, and yet she continues to be an inspiring figure to the Latino community. Selena Gomez, who was named after the singer along with many other babies in the mid '90s, has sung her songs in concert, and every time someone wears a bustier on stage, it reminds us of the late singer.

Here are 15 facts that you may not have known about her.

1. She didn't have a middle name.

2. Her favorite lipstick color was Brick by Chanel. It is now discontinued.

3. Her death showed the buying power of Latinos, as NBC News notes. Deborah Paredez, author of "Selenidad: Selena, Latinos, and the Performance of Memory," says her death changed how people marketed to Latinos. "Her death served as a cue to the larger culture that Latinos were becoming more visible, more important," Paradez said. "Selena spurred the growth of the Hispanic market. Our culture became a hot commodity."

4. "Moonlighting" was her favorite show as a teenager. It starred Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard.

5. She was humble and never refused a fan's request for a signature.

6. She was the first Latin artist to debut No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 with "Dreaming of You."

7. Her reach was widespread. She was also the first Latin and female singer to have five consecutive albums in Billboard 200 top selling albums in the U.S. and U.K.

8. Her song "Amor Prohibido" was about her grandparents.

9. Selena wore contacts.

10. She never took singing lessons.

11. She is the reason her widower, Chris, speaks Spanish. She started learning the language, and he was inspired to learn as well. They practiced together.

12. Selena was buried in the purple outfit she wore to the 1995 Tejano Music Awards. She was known for designing her own costumes.

13. She was a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola, starting in 1989.

14. In 1995, George W. Bush honored Selena with her own holiday by making her birthday, April 16, Selena Day in Texas.

15. One time on a plane, Selena decided to sing for the passengers because she was bored. She also put on an apron and tried to serve them drinks.

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