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'NCIS' Season 11 Episode 19 Spoilers: Team Tracks Down the 'Privileged' Copycat Killer [Video]

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"NCIS" fans were introduced to the team in the Big Easy in the series' backdoor pilot for "NCIS: New Orleans."

In part one of "Crescent City," the NCIS team goes to New Orleans to investigate the murder of McLane, a congressman and former NCIS agent.

Viewers are introduced to Special Agent Pride (Scott Bakula), who is old friends with Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

The team and the FBI follow a lead of a lobbyist who wanted to have McLane discredited. Yet, both he and his suspected nephew have alibis. The team then discovers that an FBI agent was killed, and that the murderer is a copycat killer.

When the NCIS bosses were "probies," the so-called "Privileged Killer's" victims were military and civil servants, and the murders of McLane and the FBI agent--they both had their throats slit and two stab wounds to their abdomens--fit the killer's murder style.

With one of the FBI agents dead, Gibbs heads down to New Orleans with the rest of his team, taking Bishop (Emily Wickersham) with him.

They discover that the killer is following them, as someone is taking photos of Pride and Gibbs.

Besides Pride, the boss who is a bit of a loose canon, the "NCIS: New Orleans" team is comprised of Lasalle, an agent who is loyal to Pride, and Brody, an interrogator who has a "classified" history with Gibbs and has quirks similar to Bishop's.

On the next episode, "Crescent City Part II," "A copycat of the Privileged Killer is hunted in New Orleans."

"NCIS" showrunner Gary Glasberg spoke to TVLine about the new "NCIS: New Orleans" crew.

"It's suggested that there's a really strong tie that goes all the way back to Mike Franks," Glasberg explained. "Gibbs and Pride were probies under Franks and a group of other agents - they were referred to as the Fed 5 - and this Agent McLane, who had become a Congressman since, ends up getting killed, and that's the genesis of the story.

"Lasalle, played by Lucas Black, in my mind is kind of 'Alabama's Steve McQueen.' He handles himself with a fantastic degree of calm and ease, he's terrific with the action and he's a lot of fun," Glasberg continued. "Brody, played by Zoe McLellan ('JAG'), is confident and cool and direct and strong. CCH Pounder ('The Shield') is just a natural [as Wade]. She comes onscreen and you listen to every word she says. And then to have Scott Bakula as Pride, with his appeal and warmth and fun.... I couldn't honestly have asked for much more in terms of a group."

He also hinted that the episode prior to the season finale of "NCIS" will be Tony-centric, and will even involve a trip to Europe.

Glasberg said that the "penultimate episode is a fantastic story for Tony that actually sends him to France, and we're really excited about that. It's sort of a 'Three Days of the Condor' story that is action-packed and fun with lots of twists and turns.

"And that leads us into the finale, which I'm co-writing with Gina Monreal, and although it has a significant crime story happening, that honestly turns out to be our homage to Ralph Waite, to Jackson Gibbs," he continued. "Mark has been talking about it and invested in it since the day we got the news, and it's important to us to give Ralph Waite the farewell he deserves."

Glasberg also shared that Kelli Williams ("Army Wives," "The Practice") has been chosen to guest-star in an upcoming episode about sexual assault in the Navy.

"It's a really important episode for us," Glasberg said.

Williams will play an NCIS agent in the episode.

Watch the promo below for "Crescent City Part II," which airs Tuesday, April 1 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.


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