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Big Brother Throws a Tantrum When He Finds Out He's Getting a Third Little Sister [Video]

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Jason and Tiffany Mertlich of Arizona probably didn't expect to get such a big and disappointing reaction when they revealed the sex of their new baby to their three young children.

To reveal the big news about the new baby, the Queen Creek parents decided to bake a gender-revealing cake for their kids and capture their reactions on video.

The video starts with the dad asking his children to guess what sex they think their new sibling will be while they were sitting around a table. The oldest child, Gunner, guessed a boy, his younger sister Pasley said a girl, and the youngest child, Harper, decided to play it safe and said that the new expectancy will be a baby.

However, it all went downhill after a piece of the cake was cut, exposing the pink filling which indicated that the fourth child is going to be a girl.

"It's a girl! Awwwwww .... Awwwww .... I don't want a girl!," yelled Gunner who wasn't shy about showing his overwhelming disappointment.

Apparently, Gunner was so disheartened about having a third little sister that he said he didn't even want to eat the cake.

"I don't want to eat the cake," he said. "I don't want a girl cake."

His father Jason Mertlich, who also said that he wanted a boy, reassured Gunner that he will love his new sister. However, that wasn't enough to cheer Gunner up.

"It's another girl. I hate girls. Every time it's girl, girl, girl, girl. ... I don't want another girl. It's too much girls," he said.

Over time, Gunner was able to get over his disappointment, the family told Right This Minute.

"I told him that now he gets to spend all the dad and son time with me and doesn't have to share with anybody," Jason Mertlich said.

The YouTube video has garnered over 750,000 views since it was posted on March 22. Watch it below.

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