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MLB 14 The Show: What Players Think of the Game & New Commercials You've Got to See [Videos]

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MLB 14: The Show is almost out, with the PS3 and PS Vita versions available on April 1.

Miguel Cabrera will be on the cover of the game for the PS3 and PS4 versions, the latter of which will be released in May.

Buster Posey worked with the development team, and he talked to Yahoo about his involvement in the game.

"The main thing we talk about was pitches, pitchers' tendencies and how a catcher calls a game," he said about the role he played. "I think one of the cool features that I've heard about this year, is that you can actually play the catcher and you have to catch the ball."

He praised the game for its attention to detail, which gives it that realistic look. And when he plays the game, he's not always on his regular team, the Giants. But he might not go as far as playing with the Dodgers.

For Brandon Phillips, of the Cincinnati Reds, being in the game was a surreal experience. He used to play the game and would try to make the player in his likeness.

"But it never looked like me," he told Brian Mazique, of Bleacher Report. "But it had my name, and I was happy with that."

He joked that the new game made him look "beautiful on TV."

As for the commercials, they are a mix of strange and funny, and they star Miguel Cabrera, C.C. Sabathia, Jason Heyward, Brett Lawrie and Andrew McCutchen. Cabrera does yoga, Sabathia has crazy ideas that he pitches and McCutchen tells you why baseball is better than babies.

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