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'The Originals’ Season 1 Episode 18 Spoilers: Will Klaus Cause Trouble in the New Alliance? [Video]

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The next all-new episode of "The Originals" will feature a big party, Davina's magic and lots of chaos in midst of the newly formed alliance between the witches, wolves, vampire and hybrids. However, fans will unfortunately have to wait another month for its premiere.

During last week's episode, witch Davina returned from the dead just as Rebekah said her final goodbye to the French Quarter. Klaus also threw a stunning, massive party and the werewolves, witches, vampires and hybrids came to a resolution where they signed a contract to rule the city together.

A preview for the upcoming episode, "The Big Uneasy," hints that an alliance will form between different factions of supernatural beings. While Hayley is still in direct contact with Elijah, Klaus seems to be dancing with a few different witches, hoping to form bonds and possibly stir up trouble. At the very end of the preview, some vampires and witches take action, suggesting that a takeover may be in the works. Exactly who and what will be causing trouble is up in the air, notes Cinema Blend.

"One never knows when a powerful witch might come in handy," Klaus tells Genevieve at the beginning of the 30-second video previewing Episode 18. Another shot from the teaser features a parade marching through the streets of the French Quarter. Later in the promo, Davina is dressed in red and is being escorted onto a stage by Genevieve.

Marcel, who is suspicious about Klaus' endgame, tells Thierry, "He's got something going on with the witches, behind Elijah's back."

Although it is unclear exactly what Klaus is planning, Wet Paint notes that it definitely has something to do with the werewolves, pointing to the full moon that he painted and his attempts to win Jackson's favor as strong indications.

"Tell me everything," Hayley demands of Elijah, who tells her not to "trust him" or trust "any of them" in another clip.

In the meantime, Marcel continues to build his army and tries to recruit Diego, asking him, "You gonna fight with me?"

Davina also shows an impressive display of her magical powers on stage at the celebration, though it is unknown which side she has teamed up with.

Klaus, who seems to be enjoying the plotting, quips to Elijah, "Who said maintaining alliances can't be fun?"

"The Originals" S1E18, "The Big Uneasy," airs Tuesday, April 15 at 8 p.m. EST on the CW.

Watch a preview below.

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