Updated 09:02 AM EST, Wed, Mar 03, 2021

Mistresses Season 2 Spoilers: 'A Mini-Kardashian' Joins the Picture

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April Malloy's life is not going to get easier in season two. The single mother is going to be facing problems both romantically and in her daughter's life.

April jumped back into the dating scene in season one with single father Richard only to have ruined by her past.

In the upcoming season, April will date a "sexy, smoldering artist" that will get her to "open up...in more ways than one," according to TV Line, but we may have reason to believe that it may be more than one sexy man in her life.

TV Line also reported that we should "brace for some half-nekkid gentlemen."

The bad part? She has a new enemy.

April's daughter, Lucy, will have to deal with more awful moments. She temporarily went missing in the first season, and now she'll have to deal with a terrible classmate.

Peyton is an 11-year-old girl being described as "a mini-Kardashian." And it doesn't seem she'll just be challenging Lucy; she'll also be getting under April's skin. Basically, she's a "a condescending, entitled, eye-rolling rich-b***h-in-training who thinks that every word that comes from April's mouth is absurd, stupid, immature or just plain hopeless."


Seems like she'll have her work cut out for her, squaring off against a child, who will have a recurring role. But she's handled other bizarre situations well. When her husband Paul, who was thought to be dead, and his new girlfriend showed up, she knew how to handle it.

OK. There were some missteps when she decided to get back together with Paul, but it was just a heat of the moment thing sparked by her daughter going missing. Ultimately, she made the right decision. There's no doubt that she'll figure out the best way to go about in dealing with Peyton.

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