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MLB Free Agents 2014 Update: Ervin Santana, Stephen Drew, Kendrys Morales Could Wait Until After 2014 MLB Draft to Sign

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The remaining big name free agents on the market are reportedly considering sitting out until after the amateur draft in hopes of getting an acceptable offer from a team of their choice.

Fox Sports reports that free agents Ervin Santana, Stephen Drew, and Kendrys Morales are seriously considering waiting until after June's draft.

All three players previously rejected $14.1 million qualifying offers from their respective teams, leaving them attached with draft pick compensations.

Previous reports indicated that teams are shying away from signing Santana, Drew, and Morales because of the draft pick compensation attached to them.

If they decide to stay free agents until after the draft, the compensation will be removed, which could lead to more teams expressing their interest in signing them.

Bean Stringfellow, Santana's agent, said that he has already talked with Santana about the advantages of waiting until June.

Stringfellow added that Santana is not willing to lower his asking price, which is reportedly within the $100 million range. The 31-year-old former Kansas City Royals pitcher is also not amenable to accepting a one-year deal similar to what Nelson Cruz inked with the Baltimore Orioles.

"Once you get past the draft, a lot of teams will be in play with the expanded playoffs. You wouldn't have a draft pick attached. And how many teams are in need of pitching? Ervin Santana is a front-line starting pitcher. He will be compensated as such," Stringfellow stressed.

Scott Boras, who handles both Drew and Morales, also confirmed that they are leaning towards not signing with any team until late June to ensure they get the best possible offer.

However, if Santana, Drew, and Morales decide to holdout until after the amateur draft, their respective teams are expected to voice their displeasure, which could lead to major changes to the qualifying offer system.

"A holdout by one or more of the comp free agents until after the draft also could work to the benefit of the players long-term if the union eventually seeks to alter or abolish the system," Fox Sports noted. "The Royals would not be happy if they lost the pick they expected back for Santana, and the same would go for the Red Sox with Drew and the Mariners with Morales."

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