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Sochi Olympics Medal Count 2014: US Tied for First After Meryl Davis and Charlie White Take Gold in Ice Dance

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The U.S. is tied for first with the Russian Federation after fan favorites Meryl Davis and Charlie White took the gold in ice dance Monday. The U.S. and Russia each have 18 medals total, and each country has earned five gold medals thus far. 

Davis and White won the gold after performing a bubbly, technically perfect dance to music from "My Fair Lady" on Sunday. The pair scored a world record of 78.89 points, putting them ahead of Canadian favorites Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. 

The charismatic pair then earned the gold Monday, tying the U.S. with Russia, which won the gold in two-man bobsled. Russia's Alexey Voevoda and Alexander Zubkov took first place in the event, pushing Russia ahead of the Netherlands. 

The U.S. also gained another bronze medal when Steven Holcomb made history for the U.S. bobsled team. Holcomb, 33, of Park City, Utah, won the bronze medal with teammate Steven Langton, giving the U.S. its first two-man medal since 1952. According to CBS News, Holcomb and Langton finished 0.22 seconds behind Swiss team Beat Hefti and Alex Baumann, who were 0.66 seconds behind Zubkov and Voevoda. 

In 2007, Holcomb was about to retire because of a degenerative eye disorder. A cornea procedure then helped him to recover, allowing him to lead the four-man U.S. bobsled team to a gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, then the bronze at Sochi in the two-man event. 

As of now, the Netherlands is close behind the U.S. and Russia with 17 medals in total, and Norway and Canada are tied for third with 15 medals each. 

Germany is still taking the lead in gold medals with seven gold medals and 12 medals total.

While the U.S. is far behind its usual medal count--America won 37 medals at Vancouver, the most won at any single winter olympics--the U.S. still remains at the top of the medal count. 

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