Updated 12:13 PM EST, Wed, Jan 19, 2022

Xbox One News: White, Disc-less, 1TB Versions of Console Rumored for 2014

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An alleged leak reveals that Microsoft will soon be offering users a variety of different Xbox One consoles that will offer new options for both the aesthetics and technical aspects of the machine.

The leak comes from somebody claiming to be an Microsoft insider who posted several different facts on NeoGAF that have been verified by The Verge. Among the various release dates for games that were posted were details about some of the new varieties of the Xbox One that are expected.

Chief among the new Xbox One varieties was a white version of the console, which was previously only available to Microsoft employees. This white Xbox One will reportedly be released starting in October alongside Sunset Overdrive, the new Insomniac game being made exclusively for the console.

This variation of the Xbox One may not be very exciting from a technical standpoint, but a different rumored model of the system may intrigue hardcore gamers. A Xbox One with no disc drive is also supposedly in the works, which is reportedly being tested internally by Microsoft. This version of the Xbox One may not be able to play physical game discs, but the console could most likely be sold for less than the $499 price tag the system currently carries. The Xbox One console without a disc drive is also rumored to have a bluetooth adapter. No release date is currently attached to the rumored console.

Another version of the Xbox One that is scheduled to appear in November according to the leak is a limited edition of the console that boasts 1TB of memory—twice as much as the standard Xbox One. However, besides the added memory space there are no details about why this Xbox One console would be considered a limited edition.

Finally, the last rumored variation for the Xbox One found in this leak is based around the upcoming game Titanfall. This would presumably come with the game and would have a controller and Xbox One based on the game. This Titanfall edition of the platform does not have a release date, but it could be possible that it arrives as soon as March when the game becomes available.

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