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WWE Monday Night Raw Spoilers, Preview for Jan. 20, 2013: Batista Returns to WWE, John Cena, Randy Orton on Royal Rumble Collision Course

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Batista returns to the WWE Monday, set to make his debut on Monday Night Raw, with his invitation set for Sunday's Royal Rumble and a shot at headlining Wrestlemania XXX on the line. Batista may have a few words for Alberto Del Rio, who will also be a participant at this year's Royal Rumble and has called out "the Animal" in back-to-back weeks prior to the pay-per-view. Will the two former champions clash before Sunday's 30-man Battle Royal?

Paul Heyman went out of his way on Friday Night Smackdown to inform the Big Show that neither he nor Brock Lesnar are impressed with him, since going on a rampage in preparation for their match at the Royal Rumble - including knocking out The Real Americans' manager Zeb Colter last week on Raw. The Big Show has shown that he can match strength with Lesnar, having tossed him across the ring while saving Mark Henry from a vicious attack from Lesnar, but what scheme will Heyman, a master manipulator, cook up to soften up the Big Show for his client?

Daniel Bryan threw a wrench into Bray Wyatt's plans last week, having turned his back on the patriarch of the creepy Wyatt clan at the end of their Steel Cage match last week on Monday Night Raw against the Usos, which saw the sibling duo defeat the unlikely tag team. Bryan finally rebelled against Wyatt, taking advantage of the steel cage by keeping Erick Rowan and Luke Harper out of the ring, as he battered Wyatt for all the abuse he endured at the hands of the Wyatts over the last few months. How will the Wyatts react to Bryan's betrayal and will they make him pay for his insolence?

CM Punk's suspicions that The Authority are out to get him may seem like paranoia to WWE Director of Operations Kane but they turned into reality when the New Age Outlaws - ex-partners of WWE COO Triple H as part of D-Generation X - betrayed Punk in the middle of their Monday Night Raw Six-Man Tag Team match against The Shield. Punk has played a war of "divide-and-conquer" with The Shield, causing friction within their ranks, only to pay for it dearly, getting attacked by both The Shield and the New Age Outlaws in a five-on-one ambush last week. What will Punk do as The Authority continues throwing greater odds at the former champion?

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton has turned his title defense against John Cena at the Royal Rumble personal after attacking Cena's father, who was in attendance last week on Raw to watch his son compete. "The Viper" lost to Kofi Kingston in a non-title match and took his anger out on Cena's father, who was sitting in the front row, before security made the save. Will Cena be able to keep his cool and focus on his goal of winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship or will he let his fury get the best of him against "The Apex Predator"?

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