Updated 11:40 PM EST, Fri, Jan 28, 2022

iOS Jailbreak Alternative: Extensify Tweak Store App Out This Weekend

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As it turns out, there is a way to get around Apple iOS' extremely closed ecosystem without jailbreaking a device. Extensify, a highly-anticipated app from popular developers Majd Alfhaily and Kevin Ko, has finally been announced for a limited release this coming weekend.

So what exactly does Extensify do?

What makes Extensify really interesting is its ability to initiate tweaks to the apps in an iOS device. These tweaks are designed to improve user interaction while adding several important and useful features. For example, videos in the Vine app would be available for direct download, with the app grabbing the target video and saving it directly into the Camera Roll.

Conventionally, apps and the way an iOS device is run could be tweaked by jailbreaking. As useful as it is, however, jailbreaking has the aftereffect of voiding Apple's warranty, which, to most users, is something that must be avoided as much as possible.

With Extensify, users would be able to perform some useful tweaks to apps without compromising anything on the device, making the highly-anticipated app a very attractive proposition indeed.

Extensify utilizes Exos, which is the app's term for tweaks, which could then be downloaded through the Extensify app. Once an Exo is downloaded, users would only have to install the modified app. These apps, when viewed from the device, will carry a "+" postscript to differentiate them from stock apps that were downloaded from Apple's official App Store.

Thus, Twitter's Exo, once installed, would be registered as Twitter+ on the device. The process is very simple and straightforward.

Apart from the advantage of keeping an Apple device's warranty, using Extensify is also very convenient, since all tweaks are performed from the device itself. Using the app would never prompt users to connect their iOS device to a Mac or PC. The app does everything from Point A to Point B.

As attractive as Extensify's package might be, however, users must never confuse it with jailbreaking. After all, Extensify might be able to tweak apps, but it not capable of modifying system level features of Apple's mobile OS.

Apart from this, Extensify, at least for the time being, only works with third-party apps. Thus, its advantages and features can only be utilized with apps that lie beyond Apple's stock applications.

Perhaps what makes Extensify most attractive, however, is the fact that it finally allows iOS users to modify their devices (or, at least, the apps installed) to their liking without compromising anything. From what early testers have stated, the entire Extensify ecosystem is extremely stable and safe.

In the world of mobile computing, stable and safe are two very sweet words.

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