Updated 10:44 PM EST, Fri, Jan 28, 2022

'Final Fantasy VIII' Sound Track Samples Released [Listen]

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Soundtrack remixes of the "Final Fantasy VIII" are out now.

Siliconera mentioned that the track samples were released in line with the celebration of the 17th anniversary of the game instalment.

Dubbed "SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed," the album, which is composed of six discs, was released by music label Materia Collective. Established last year, the music label is known for putting together works of arrangers, artists, vocalists, composers and even instrumentalists who have collections of soundtracks for video games.

On its official website, Materia said that their ultimate aim is to collaborate on music projects and launch albums for well-known video games.

The latest work of the company for the "Final Fantasy VIII" can be grabbed by players and fans through Spotify, Loudr and iTunes.

For those curious about what the game soundtracks are, the same report mentioned that is made up of 92 tracks produced by about 150 arrangers, composers and even personalities on YouTube.

In addition, Gamespot said the tracks were originally composed and released by Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu, but Materia Collective put unique and creative touches on the songs.

It came after the October 2015 release of the remix soundtrack for the "Final Fantasy VII" called "Materia."

"After our debut album Materia, choosing Final Fantasy VIII as a follow-up tribute album was the next logical choice, and aligning the release with the game's release anniversary seemed poignant," said Materia founder Sebastian Wolff in the Gamespot report.

He also noted that the sounds for this "Final Fantasy VIII" are different and will suit various interests of gamers and music lovers.

A check on the iTunes purchase page of the soundtrack revealed that the album was released last week and costs $24.99.

Songs can also be individually bought on the iTunes store with prices ranging from $.99 to $1.29.

Some of the soundtrack samples listed in the albums were "Liberi Fatali 2016," "A Ruthless Truth," "Never Look Back," "Force Your Way to Berlin," "Dance with the Balamb-Fish," "Blue Fields," "Trust Me," "Waltz for the Moon (Pass the Chips Remix)," "Ride On," and "DeadEnd!"

Meanwhile, Gamasutra said that the tracks on this new album are arranged using various musical styles. The instruments also brought uniqueness and improvement to the soundtracks.

Featured artists on the album include Rich Douglas, John Robert Matz, Videri String Quartet, Cris Gale, Rozen, Triforce Quartet, David Saulesco, Fredrik Häthén, Elizabeth Zharoff, Laura Intravia and Dale North.

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