Updated 04:07 AM EDT, Wed, Oct 28, 2020

Peruvian Beach Named Dirtiest in the World

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When people think of beaches, they think fine sand and pristine shores and maybe a gorgeous sunset to watch, too.

However, that won't be the scene to catch in Peru's Carpayo beach, located on the western tip of the capital. If you're concerned about the seas (as you should be) it could drive you to tears.

According to Fox News Latino, Carpayo is on the receiving end of waste and dumps from Lima and it gets about 2.8 kilos of trash per square meter, based on the most recent clean-up campaign by Vida, an environmental organization. Arturo Alfaro, the organization's president, said that the clean-up drive that attracted about 1,000 volunteers were able to collect 60 tons of trash in three hours.

"We left the beach clean, but the next day there was trash again." Alfaro said. "We compared the results with other places where similar campaigns are conducted, such as the Philippines and Hawaii, and none of them have Carpayo's waste density. It is unique."

The trash amounted to furniture, auto parts, windows, and apparently, a human skull.

More than the unsightly view, polluted oceans pose an even larger threat, not only to aquamarine ecology but to humans as well. CNBC noted that there are roughly 5 million to 13 million metric tons of plastic trash that drifts into the sea. This number will only get worse, killing marine life in the process.

For humans, toxic waste will infect the seafood that we consume, making the ocean more dangerous to all kinds of life forms. The ostentatious amount of plastic waste is not all that people have to worry about either: researchers said it makes up only 10 percent of the total waste produced, but that alone is ten-fold the increase since 1960 -- something that we should be worried about.

Here are a few other dirty beaches that could use a bit of clean-up drive initiatives as noted by India Today:

Blackpool, England -- Consistent in failing to meet cleanliness standards, Blackpool is a vacation spot that will create more stress to tourists than enjoyment or rest and relaxation.

Doheny Beach, California, USA -- Do you want to bathe in a beach with bacteria and fecal coliform in large amounts? Probably not. Doheny Beach is so dirty that it poses an actual health threat to tourists. That's one California beach to stay away from.

Kamilo Beach, Hawaii -- Hawaii is known for its amazing beaches, but probably not Kamilo beach, which is filled with so much "plastic sand" that waste exceeds the volume of actual sand. Not exactly a pretty picture to capture.

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