Updated 11:18 AM EST, Thu, Jan 20, 2022

Why Deadpool is Going to be the World's Favorite Superhero

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Deadpool is already a force to be reckoned with in the world of comic books. However, his wisecracking nature and fourth-wall-breaking antics have largely remained within the confines of a specific demographic.

All that's about to change this week as the chimichanga-craving swashbuckling antihero is set to sweep through popular culture with the release of his highly-anticipated solo flick "Deadpool." What else would a self-obsessed charmer call his own movie?

The film was generally meant to appease die-hard Deadpool fans who wanted to see the phenomenal screwball in his own full-length live-action feature. Fans demanded a Deadpool movie after the character was wrongly portrayed in 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." The movie featured the Merc with a Mouth without his mouth and signature look, as per iO9.

Ryan Reynolds, the actor who portrays Deadpool, told Sky News that he had been emphatically asking 20th Century Fox to have the film made, but the character was an obscure property at that time which the studio thought wouldn't sell at the box office.

"The best thing that ever happened to us was that they made us make this movie against all odds," said Reynolds. "They gave us the absolute bare minimum -- we had to squeeze $10 out of every $1 they gave us."

Reynolds and director Tim Miller decided to focus the film on the Deadpool's character and portray him as accurately as possible.

"We got to rely on character. Deadpool is never going to be the guy that's saving the world," said the 29-year old actor. "Deadpool doesn't care about saving the world - he's a morally flexible anti-hero -- so we had a lot of freedom and that felt really good."

In an age where superhero movies have become formulaic and predictable, a movie starring Deadpool presents a breath of fresh air, complete with slapstick humor, comedic raunchiness and bombastic action sequences.

Right from the start, it was already a no-brainer that comic book aficionados were going to line up to see "Deadpool." What was not so certain was that if casual moviegoers would do the same.

To ensure that the movie will at least pique the interest of the masses, 20th Century Fox launched an unconventional promotional campaign for "Deadpool" that truly was one of a kind. People might have already seen Deadpool in a couple of whacky online trailers and TV spots, but his reach didn't end there.

He also has a Tinder account, a misleading billboard and a string of creative, albeit Deadpool-ish, posters, which you can view herehere and here, courtesy of Wired.

Eric Eisenberg of Cinema Blend calls "Deadpool" an "outrageous and excessively entertaining film." He said moviegoers will surely be captivated by the strange yet multi-faceted antihero.

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