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'Street Fighter V' Character Update: Who is F.A.N.G [Details]

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Capcom introduces a new character for "Street Fighter 5" and he is not your average fighter.

This February, Capcom showed some love to avid "Street Fighter" players by introducing more characters to love and fight with.

In fact, the game developer has already unveiled a couple of them via a series of character introduction trailers that have been posted over their official YouTube channel called Capcom Fighters.

According to Gematsu, Matt Edwards, Capcom's Community Manager, unveiled new characters for the game last week, starting with Ken Masters.

After that, Capcom Fighters uploaded more clips of Zangief, Nash, Necalli and Karin, all of which looked badass in each of their character introduction trailers.

Now, just a couple of days before the set February 16 release of the new "Street Fighter" game on PlayStation 4 and PC, Capcom introduces a new "weird" addition to the select group of fighters: F.A.N.G.

According to the introduction, F.A.N.G. is a main villain in the game who poses as M. Bison's second-in-command for the Shadaloo terrorists.

The new character to debut in the fifth "Street Fighter" game certainly made an impression, albeit a bad one.

Based on a report from Techno Buffalo, F.A.N.G. is a "weirdo newcomer" because of his awkward but unpredictable movements.

Despite this not-so-pretty description, the video of him fighting still shows that he is a formidable foe, thanks to his ability to attack at different speeds without warning as well as his solid range.

He also is also capable of extending his sleeves to unnatural lengths like another character, Dhalsim as well as an "unblockable poison projectile" that players should watch out for.

However, the outlet does not seem much too impressed by his credentials, considering that he is, after all, still a newcomer.

"Despite his high rank, though, I'm getting a sense of delusions of grandeur from this guy stemming from the background of his stage," the outlet noted.

Techno Buffalo further noted that proving his worth as "a competent villain" and not "just a comic relief" might be just the motivation and back story the character needs to be effective in the world of "Street Fighter."

Aside from F.A.N.G. and the others, Capcom is expected to roll out more character introductions considering that they plan to incorporate 16 characters into "Street Fighter V."

Plus, Gematsu revealed that an addition of six more fighter avatars will be revealed throughout 2016.

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