Updated 03:10 AM EST, Sat, Jan 22, 2022

Latin Aphrodisiacs to Add Spice to Your Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and what better way to add some spice to the holiday than by indulging in some aphrodisiacs to set the mood? Latin America is known for its potent love potions guaranteed to put fire into any relationship. This year take a page from the Latin book of love and seduction. 

Aphrodisiacs are known to stimulate desire, to set the flames burning. Here are some Latin American aphrodisiacs. Add some of them into your alcoholic beverage or snack on them on the side. They will surely add spice to any Valentine's Day.

1. Agave.

According to Latina, this Mexican herb can be made into a drink that has some divine origins. According to ancient myths, tequila originated from Mayahuel, the ancient Aztec goddess of fertility. This alcoholic drink contains enzymes that help the body convert it into energy. All that energy could turn into some all-night loving. In fact, Aztec men took this intoxicating drink to help them satisfy their women. Take a cue from the Aztecs and give it a try.

2. Basil.

This herb is known for its therapeutic properties that help improve one's blood circulation, which is proven to improve one's libido. This herb is mixed into a drink, which has Italian origins with a tangy flavor and perk one's tastebuds. The cocktail drink is known for its taste and it is guaranteed to add that much-needed flavor to date night. This was once given by Italians as a token of love and now it is concocted into a drink for the purpose of seduction.

3. Avocado.

While this may be viewed as a surprising addition to the aphrodisiac family, this fruit was once known to the ancient Aztecs as the "testicle trees." In fact, they were often used by Aztec men to help boost their sexual performance. In general, avocados are also known to boost stamina and fertility. Snack on a few slices of avocado to light your night on fire. 

4. Chilis.

Cosmopolitan reports that these hot chils have capsaicin, a chemical that is known to increase circulation, which will ultimately stimulate all of those nerve endings to improve arousal. If you're planning a romantic dinner at home, incorporate them into your meal for an extra hot evening. 

5, Chocolate.

Chocolate: perhaps the world's favorite aphrodisiac. This tempting dessert is known to release those chemicals that help your date fall in love. Emperor Montezuma was said to have drunk 50 goblets of "chocolatl" that allowed him to satiate many of his wives and mistresses.

These aphrodisiacs will spice up any evening. What ones will you try?

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