Updated 03:15 PM EST, Tue, Dec 01, 2020

How to Win a Free Razer Kraken Pro Headset: Contest Details

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For those looking to grab a quality gaming headset for free, Gamespot is giving away five Razer Kraken Pro headsets.

The gaming website added that for people to win this great giveaway, they must be members of Gamespot.

They will then be required to fill out a form and follow their social media sites to get corresponding points. Interested individuals can also recruit friends to earn more points.

It also highlighted that with 100 points earned, Gamespot members are given a chance to win in the giveaway contest. Another 110 points will give them a bonus chance, while 150 points will gift them with five chances in the contest.

Announced in June last year, the Razer Kraken Pro headset is considered to be a basic offering by Razer, as per Bit-Tech.

The lightweight music accessory carries a tag of $80 and comes with 1.3-meter rubberized cable.

In a review, Straits Times mentioned that the headphones can be considered as a "mid-range" gaming accessory with basic features.

"But in terms of sound quality, it is nothing to shout about," added the same report.

When playing "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain," Straits Times noted that there was a mixup of sounds, with players unable to distinguish a rumble of an engine with the sound of thunder.

However, it mentioned that the headset can be best used during conversations online like on Skype.

In addition, Maximum PC noted that the Razer accessory also has a lovely fit for the ears with appropriate tension for each earcup.

It also underscored the great style of the headphones, especially the availability of white, green and black colour variants.

Aside from these great features, Tom's Hardware claimed that this Razer accessory also has inline control buttons for volume adjustment. It noted that the volume control of the headset is a "grooved wheel" where the mic control switch is located below.

The Kraken Pro headset also comes with a retractable microphone to allow users to carry it in public without making it bulky and awkward to wear.

This music and gaming accessory can also be used for Android, iPhone and other mobile operating systems, as per Hardware Heaven. The feature is perfect for mobile users who love to play games and music with their smartphones.

Tom's Hardware, however, noted that the introduction of some features can be considered a little bit late since most headphones and earphones on the market have long been equipped with these.


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