Updated 10:37 PM EDT, Sun, Jun 20, 2021

Broken iPhones? No Problem, Apple to Allow Trade-In for Damaged Goods Soon [Details]

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One of the most frustrating moments in life is realizing your reflexes aren't quick enough to stop your new iPhone from smashing hard into the ground. Apple customers who have experienced this plight know how heart-breaking it is to pick up the smartphone and see its screen shattered or its buttons damaged.

Fortunately, Apple's new trade-in program lets customers exchange their broken iPhones for credit, which they can use to buy the latest iPhone models, 9to5Mac reported.

The Cupertino tech giant believes its new service will encourage customers to be more participative in trade-in deals. The company also hopes the program will further bolster the sales of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Customers can apply for credit starting this week. Those who bring in a shattered iPhone 5s at the nearest Apple Store will be given $50. A broken iPhone 6 is valued at $200 while a damaged iPhone 6 Plus is worth $250.

According to Apple's official online product listing, the iPhone 6s costs $650 while the 6s Plus has a $750 price tag. Based on all of the aforementioned variables, customers with a broken iPhone 5s can purchase the latest iOS devices at eight and seven percent off. Those carrying a damaged iPhone 6 Plus will enjoy a 39 and 33 percent discount.

Customers who wish to take advantage of Apple's enticing offer should bear in mind that it only applies to iPhone models that have been destroyed "within reason." The Verge noted that iPhones that have been crushed to bits won't be accepted. Only those that have been shattered but still have their bodies intact can apply for credit.

Those who have successfully applied for credit and used it to purchase a new iPhone will also be eligible for complimentary plastic screen protector installation. Apple has tapped the services of screen protector manufacturer Belkin to supply Apple Stores with high-end installation machines.

Prior to Apple's new trade-in program, The Cupertino tech giant had already set in place the Apple Store Reuse and Recycle iPhone promo. It allowed customers to gain credit for their older iPhones to buy newer models. However, the service did not accept shattered and damaged iOS devices.

That particular promo launched this week in China, where Apple faces stiff competition from both international and local brands. Investor Wire reported that bringing in a fully-functioning 16GB iPhone 6 Plus to a Chinese Apple Store will net customers a ¥2,200 credit while an iPhone 5S is valued at ¥950. Those prices roughly translate to $334 and $144.

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