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5 of the Best Latin American Street Food to Sate your Palate

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Perhaps the best way to experience a country is to experience its food. Latin America is home to one of the best cuisines the world over. Tasting food during one's travels can add a new level of experience to the destination.

Some of the best examples of Latin American foods can be found on the streets. Not only are they cheap, but they are tasty too. One simply cannot say that they have travelled Latin America without indulging themselves in some authentic Latin American fare. While you can always go to a restaurant, it won't hurt to try food out in the streets.Here are some Latin American street food staples that you should definitely try to sate your palate, per Saveur.

 1. Chorizo, Argentina.

These flavorful smoked sausages are a popular Argentine fare. Argentines consider it to be the "King of Sausages." These are cooked on the barbeque grill and are very tasty. Pair these smoked sausages with a cold mug of beer and you are good to go!

2. Tapioca omelette, Brazil.

Tapioca is a favorite in Brazil. This light and fluffy dessert is like a pancake that can be eaten either sweet or savory, depending on the fillings you choose. Some of the popular alternatives are cheese and ham, shrimp or coconut with condensed milk.

3. Platanos Fritos, El Salvador.

Bootsnall describes this popular street food dessert as a bunch of slow-fried bananas topped off with caramel sauce. The snack has a soft and sweet texture and goes really well with the melted caramel. While many Latin American countries have their own variations, this is a definite try.

4. Baleada, Honduras

This is a light, tortilla stuffed with re-fried beans, cream cheese, and sour cream. You can also ask the street vendors for a variety of fillings. Scrambled egg is a popular choice for a breakfast meal.

5. Papas con cuero, Colombia.

This unusual street snack is a popular street food among Colombians. It is a dish of pork rinds mixed with chopped potatoes and a lettuce and carrot salad. At just $1.00 per serving, it is certainly worth a try.

Seasoned travellers would usually advise fellow wanderlust people to experience everything when in a foreign land: the sights, the sounds, the culture, and of course, the food. Eating Latin American street foods is one way to take a bite out of the country without breaking one's budget.

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