Updated 10:58 AM EST, Thu, Feb 25, 2021

Turn Your Room into a 3D Super Bowl Arena with Microsoft's HoloLens [Video]

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NFL fans at home can soon turn their living rooms into an interactive 3D Super Bowl arena complete with live stats, all-new video angles and holographic life-sized versions of their favorite NFL players.

Microsoft released a new concept video this week showing how its HoloLens technology could improve all facets of the football-viewing experience. The two-minute clip, which you can view below, was first shown at the Super Bowl 50 panel discussion entitled "The Future of Football: How Technology Could Shape the Next 50 Years of the Game."

The Washington tech giant has the full support of the NFL. According to the league's official website, both entities are keen on bringing the game closer to the viewers. NFL executive vice president Brian Rolapp was in awe of what HoloLens could potentially do.

"When you put these headsets on, you are really self-contained in this environment," he said. "What they're working on, and what I find so exciting and what you saw in those clips, is you still are in the room that you're in."

With HoloLens, NFL fans can project live football games onto an entire section of a living room wall. The device also allows fans to transform their coffee tables into miniature holographic stadiums where replays can be played. Additionally, player stats are accompanied by life-sized renderings of athletes like Tyler Lockett and Russel Wilson.

"It really puts it into perspective when one of those guys is standing next to you in your living room and it's Calvin Johnson.," explained Saints quarterback Drew Brees. "Or 'Oh my gosh, it's Cam Newton. I didn't know they grew quarterbacks that big.'"

Daniel Rubino of Windows Central is impressed by what Microsoft is promising. He claimed the HoloLens technology will only get better as new usage scenarios are discovered. Apart from gaming and entertainment, the HoloLens could soon be used in architecture, education and medicine.

Some tech pundits aren't too fascinated with Microsoft's ambitious project. For one, Frederic Lardinois of Tech Crunch thinks the Washington tech giant still doesn't have the technology to realistically replicate what was shown in the video. He said Microsoft's concept is "still very much science fiction."

As of the moment, Microsoft is still working on a HoloLens prototype. The company is expected to release a developer-focused version in the coming months. GameSpot reported that interested testers would have to apply for a development kit and would have to pay $3,000 if successfully selected.

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