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"Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them" Sneak Peek: Check Out Newt Scamander's Own Squad [Watch]

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In 2014, "Harry Potter" author JK Rowling teased fans about the spin-off film called "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

Details were revealed later on, and so far, there's very little that fans do know, other than the fact that Academy Award Winner Eddie Redmayne is playing the lead, Newt Scamander. In addition, the movie, written by Rowling herself, will be set in New York in the 1920s.

The film itself won't be in theaters for another ten months, but Rowling has been very generous to her fans, as she revealed other wizarding schools in the world over the weekend, per IGN. And if that's not enough, as an early Valentine gift, she and the producers of the highly-anticipated spin-off, debuted a behind-the-scenes teaser to satiate fans at the special "Harry Potter" event in Orlando, Florida.

In a three-minute preview, fans got a sneak peek of the magical world's new look, as they return to being around witches and wizards, albeit before the time of their hero. Redmayne, speaking about his experience said, "This world, it's been a wonder. It's just unlike anything I've ever been a part of."

Here are some things we learned from the teaser, as noted by USA Today:

  1. There are four core characters in the story. Along with Redmayne's Newt are Tina Goldstein, her sister Queenie, and a muggle (or no-maj) Jacob.
  2. Tina and Queenie, played by Katherine Waterston and Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy respectively, are sisters who raised each other, thus a deep bond has formed between them.
  3. Dan Fogler plays the muggle Jacob, who is a war veteran who is "trying to get his life together and open up a bakery."

Will there be characters from the original series, though? Cinema Blend noted that even though an appearance of a young Dumbledore hasn't been confirmed, Michael Gambon, who portrayed the character for most of the "Harry Potter" films, said that he wanted to be part of the spin-off, although he may be too old to play his original character.

Gambon told Express UK, "I want to be in it, yes. They've got a Dumbledore. They'll have a young Dumbledore, won't they? But I could be his dad. They could flashback to me."

Website iO9 also added that the rest of the cast included Ezra Miller as Credence, Samantha Morton as Mary Lou, Jon Voight as Henry Shaw, Sr., Ron Perlman as Gnarlack, Carment Ejogo as Seraphina, Jenn Murray as Chastity, newcomer Faith Wood-Balgrove as Modesty and Colin Farrell as Percival Graves.

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