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Brazil Pet Owners Hold Mini-Carnival for their Furry Friends! [Photos]

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Brazilians played dressed up with their dogs at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, held on Sunday. Canines allowed their humans to put masks and costumes on them in an effort to be the best-looking pet at the event.

According to Associated Press, the annual celebration of “Blocao,” a block party for animals, usually begins with the performance of Banda Vira-lata or the “Street Dog Band” in Portuguese. They announce the start of the festivity as a lot of people meet with their fully-costumed pets at the side of Copacabana beach.

Dogs were doing their own parade under the scorching heat while the band was playing a tune of samba. Evidently, party-goers were enjoying the event, as well as their fur babies, which were wearing different kinds of colorful ensembles inspired by superhero costumes, insects, various professions and many more.

In fact, a white-haired lap dog was dressed as a court jester. Another medium sized pooch was impersonating the superhero Flash, complete with yellow wings on the side of its head.

A photo posted by Melissa (@melissa_shihtzu_) on Jan 30, 2016 at 2:57pm PST

A little black puppy looked liked an insect with its insect-like antennas. Two long-haired canines were spotted with Olympic rings on their heads. All of the pooches had fun as they had the chance to play with other dogs for the duration of the two-hour pet parade.

"It's carnival and the party is animal!" the samba band was singing. "Always by their owner's side, always a loyal friend .... arf, arf, arf. The 'blocao' is animal!"

A photo posted by Teca (@teca.the.dog) on Jan 31, 2016 at 11:03am PST

Meanwhile, Brazil is known for having “samba-themed” pre-Carnival street parties, but the Blocao parade is quite different. It includes a lot more tail wagging, sniffing, barking and four-legged footwork, Daily Mail added.

Carnival has been part of Brazilian life. The street party for animals was their chance to have fun with their pets. Hundreds of different kinds of dogs joined the event as well as a few brave cats.

Blocao organizer Marco Antonio Toto said that the pet’s excitement took over the Copacabana. 

Toto added that the neighborhood of Copacabana holds the record for the most number of dog owners per square meter. Hence, the city deserved to have the prestigious animal party just as their pets, too, deserved the celebration.

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