Updated 02:31 PM EDT, Tue, Oct 19, 2021

Mexican Singer Thalia Sings 'From the Night' with Colombian Reggaeton Artist Maluma [Listen]

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One of the songs on Thalia's new album is a collaboration with Colombian reggaeton artist Maluma.

Entitled "Desde Esa Noche" (Since that Night), the song was part of Thalia's album launched last April, as per HSB Noticias.

It added that the song is about a "sensual encounter," which evolved into something else, especially with its lyrics "since that night alone I think of you."

HSB Noticias also noted that the music video will be directed by Carlos Perez, who shot it in Chinatown in New York.

There is still no definite release date for the video, but the duo is expected to first perform the song during the Lo Nuestro Awards this coming February 18.

Excerpts of the song were posted earlier by the Mexican singer on her official Facebook page, so people already expected the release of the song. The only thing that they did not reportedly expect was Maluma's inclusion in the song.

After its release, Thalia also encouraged her fans to download the song on iTunes.

In addition, Latin Times mentioned that the new song was first hinted at during Maluma's appearance in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

A lot of people speculated he would be working with Becky G, Belinda or Chiquis Rivera. Nobody thought it was Thalia.

But people started getting clues on who would collaborate with, since Thalia mentioned Maluma's nickname, "Pretty Boy," in one of her social media posts.

On Instagram, she also posted what looked like an album cover with Maluma's name on it. The photo came with the caption "Soooo excited !!! 'Since That Night' feat. Maluma Available tomorrow! Get the new song tomorrow !!!"

Latin Pop Brasil noted that Thalia has received negative comments from her fans when she did not continue recording songs and prioritizing her career as a singer.

In 2014, she released the album "Amore Mio," but it was not properly promoted to the public. Among the songs included on that album was Como Tú No Hay Dos, a duet with Becky G.

The 44-year-old singer-actress expressed excitement and hope about her new songs in the past few months.

Aside from her talent in singing, many people also look up to Thalia because of how she looks, despite her age.

Mirror said the singer attributed her youthful beauty to a healthy sex life with 67-year-old husband Tommy Mottola.

She claimed that she listened to the advice of sexologist Nancy Alvarez. "Of course, I did and now, it's the reason I've stayed young and beautiful," she added. 

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