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5 Things to Do At Sao Paulo's Street Carnaval

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The Sao Paulo Carnaval will kick off in a few days, and people are excited for the street parade and parties, which will happen in February.

For those people wanting to try some exciting things at the annual celebration, below is a list of suggested activities:

1. Witness the Sambadrome Carnaval Extravaganza

Travel Channel highlighted that the carnival parade is a must-see in Sao Paulo because of the colourful floats, popular stars and creative presentations of the participants.

The Sambadrome, which started in 1991, features competing samba schools performing a 45-minute presentation. They are judged based on the theme, costume and overall organisation.

2. Listen to the blocos

Blocos are the roving bands in Sao Paulo, which provide great sights to travellers and locals alike.

According to Timeout, the band members are clad in fancy dresses while carrying their drums, port and fans.

Stuff, however, warned the public that blocks can be "rowdy" and thieves and pickpockets tend to mingle with the crowd in an effort to target their victims.

"Don't be surprised if an amorous stranger grabs you for a kiss, or if you see people passing everywhere, before dashing off to the next set of lips," added the same report.

3. Check out the Carnival Balls

Rio Carnaval noted that balls are also popular during the celebration. It noted that these are usually held at the Avenida Club and Bar Brahma where nonstop parties are popular.

For those wanting to join these balls, reservations are needed for guaranteed slots.

4. Enjoy the Carnaval Night Life

According to Carnaval.com, restaurants, bars and shows are also great attractions at night in Sao Paulo.

Most visitors go to various places like Ibirapuera, Downtown, Jardins, Vila Madalena, Pinheiros, Moema, Paraiso, Itaim and Vila Olímpia.

It added that bars in these areas cater to individuals aged 25 to 45 years old.

For great shows to cap the night, Carnaval.com said that people can go to Olimpia, Palace, and Tom Brasil.

5. Meet popular samba groups

It was added in the Rio Carnaval report that the well-known samba groups can be found during the celebration in Sao Paulo. These groups started as early as 1935.

Aside from these famous activities, Stuff said people should also bring costumes, sunblock, an umbrella and a selfie stick to fully enjoy the celebration.

An insect repellent is also necessary this year because of the spread of the zika virus in various South American countries.

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