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Jose Aldo Will Only Fight Against Conor McGregor

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Former UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo can't wait to book a rematch against current 145-pound number one Conor McGregor. The dethroned Brazilian mixed martial artist is so eager to reclaim his belt that he won't fight any other opponent until he exacts revenge on the 27-year old Irishman.

After being knocked out in less than 15 seconds at UFC 194 last December, Aldo finally broke his silence on Wednesday.

According to a post on his official Instagram account, via Fox Sports, the 29-year old fighter had already been training for a rematch with McGregor. However, his camp was later informed that the reigning UFC Featherweight champion would instead fight Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 197.

"So I wanted to make something clear to UFC: for everything I have done, everything I have accepted and mostly how the fight ended, I will not accept any other fight other than a title shot," read a snippet of the caption's English translation by MMA Fighting.

Aldo later contradicted himself and said his second fight with McGregor doesn't have to be for the title. He just wants to prove that he is a better fighter than the Irishman, something he never did during their last bout. He openly told McGregor, "Keep my belt, but I wanna whoop ur ass anywhere."

During their first encounter, both fighters punched each other in the face at the exact same time. Unfortunately for Aldo, he was the one who was caught off guard.

Earlier this week, Aldo told reporters that if his punch would have landed completely, it would have been him celebrating his tenth title defense, per Pundit Arena.

"My punch barely hit but it cut him," he said. "Imagine if it connected completely, it would have ripped his head off. But he had the merit to connect a good punch and end the fight."

The most common backlash he received after the fight was that he let McGregor's antics get the better of him. Some argued that the Brazilian was too angry and too tense. Aldo maintained that he went inside the octagon with the same mentality as before.

"Everybody said I was too angry. Angry about what? I'm always cool in there. I go in there to do what I trained - I trained that," he argued. "He managed to get out and connect a good punch that caught me off base and finished the fight."

Meanwhile, McGregor is currently training for a title bout against reigning UFC Lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 197 on March 5, 2016. The Irishman hopes to become the first UFC fighter to hold two championship titles in different weight classes.

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