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Deadpool Strikes Again with his New TV Spot, Promo Clip & Poster [See Here]

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More "Deadpool" marketing materials are unveiled as the Fox Movies film nears its release on February 12.

The "Merc with a Mouth" will just not shut up as more and more teasing clips and an awesome new poster are released less than three weeks from its official premiere.

A Screen Rant featured two latest clips showing Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool, including an IMAX TV spot and a promo clip titled "I'm touching myself tonight."

In the new IMAX footage, makers of the film reveal more of the comic book villain known as Ajax, as portrayed by Ed Skrein.

Screen Rant notes that while the film did not make Ajax as heavily-armored as he is in the comic books, they did make up for it by giving him two gigantic axes as his weapons.

It also featured small bits of several action scenes and revealed the main plot conflict similar to every other superhero movie --the hero's archenemy is after his love interest.

"Deadpool" movie showrunners Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner as well as Reynolds himself also released a delectable new poster with text written in the Language of Love. This was posted on the actor's Twitter account, with the hashtag "DeadpoolDoesParis."

They also released a new promo clip that ridiculed internet porn, advising people to "Touch Yourself Tonight." This proves the speculation that producers are not going to answer calls for a more youth-friendly PG-13 cut for the flick. The now-famous antihero has also made waves over the Internet on other occasions, including Australia Day...

As well as Betty White's birthday.

The film follows the story of a former Special Forces operative-turned-mercenary and Wolverine's ex-comrade-in-arms, Wade Wilson, who was turned into a weapon after he agreed to undergo experimentation that promised to cure his terminal cancer. This is according to an official synopsis from Fox Movies stated.

While his cancer was indeed cured, he was left with a superhuman ability to heal very quickly as well as a dark, twisted sense of humor. This is especially true after he becomes "Deadpool," the alter ego he adopted to hunt down the man who almost destroyed his life.

It features a stellar cast led by "Green Lantern" actor Ryan Reynolds, who first portrayed the character in the Hugh Jackman-starrer "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" back in 2009.

Other cast members are Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Ed Skrein, Gina Carano, and Brianna Hildebrand.

Directed by Tim Miller, the screenplay for "Deadpool" is penned by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese.

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