Updated 05:10 PM EST, Mon, Mar 01, 2021

US Mulling Over New Military Action Towards ISIS Threat in Libya

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The United States is mulling over new plans of military action in Libya, due to threats that the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) could close in on the country.

According to The Guardian, the Pentagon is already exploring its military options to stop ISIS from acquiring this oil-rich country, as per spokesperson Peter Cook.

This move comes four years after the country also conducted an air campaign to stop the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi.

"We want to be prepared, as the Department of Defense always wants to be prepared, in the event that ISIL in Libya becomes more of a threat than it is even today," Cook mentioned in an AFP report published by Al Arabiya.

Cook noted that the United States is currently identifying allies in the country to prepare for a possible confrontation with the Islamic militant group.

In a WBT report, the Pentagon spokesperson clarified that their options for now do not include having American troops on the ground.

"Right now, that's not something that's -- that's under consideration," he noted.

Cook said that they have forces in Libya, but their role is to establish contact to be able to understand the situation in the country.

He likened their mission to the one done in November last year, where special operations forces from the US were forced to leave the country.

It was also noted that the United States is not the only country interested in getting the real picture in Libya, but other partner nations are as well.

The Financial Times bared the U.S. plan of resorting to air strikes and the deployment of special operation forces in the event that ISIS "becomes more of a threat than it is even today."  

It also noted that the concern in Libya has been growing for the past weeks, especially with the fact that ISIS has already gained control of some areas around the city of Sirte. The group has also attacked oil facilities in the country.

According to AFP, ISIS took control of the city last June, claiming its airport and power plant. This has alarmed the US that the terrorist group will soon gain ground on a third country after taking over Iraq and Syria.

There has reportedly been a surge in the number of ISIS fighters, close to 3,000, entering Libya because of control measures in Syria and Turkey.

But with the United States plan for military action, Financial Times said this could impede the ongoing process of establishing a new national unity government in the country.

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