Updated 02:33 PM EST, Fri, Jan 22, 2021

Top 5 Latin American Countries for Investors

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Looking closely into the Latin American economy could be disheartening, with countries like Brazil and Argentina spiraling into their own recession. However, the low economy also opens doors for investing. Here are some of the top countries to look into in the region:

  1. Colombia -- Although known for its notorious background and history of drugs and violence, Economy Watch has noted that Colombia is fast emerging as one of the new luxurious travel destinations, which means that it is also a prime spot for investments. At the moment, the country is expecting to see its economy grow three-fold. Its PIPE 2.0 initiative will ensure growth and development in potential investment areas like tourism, education, and industrial production.
  2. Chile -- Named the second highest earning economy in Latin America, Chile is among the best-evaluated emerging economies worldwide. Its economic growth is expected to progress, as reported by Latia Org. The country's attraction to tourists makes it easy to establish businesses due to the open economy. It has 23 free trade agreements with 60 countries, and represents more that 86 percent of the world's GDP. Chile is also said to be one of the best in protecting investors, which should be a plus for any company willing to put their business in the South American nation.
  3. Mexico -- The peso is strong at the moment, and Mexico is known for its openness in foreign investment. At the moment, it is also relatively stable in its politics, and its laws are transparent, which means that the risks are low. International Living also mentioned that direct foreign investment is also said to be at an all-time high, which means that investing in the country makes a lot of sense right now.
  4. Peru -- Oxford Business Group noted that Peru is one of the countries that has already seen "transformative" growth, and is considered as one of the leading economic performers in South America. Among the best investments in Peru include metals and minerals exports, although it currently also has a burgeoning agricultural sector.
  5. Panama -- Market Watch said that Panama is among the low risk countries for putting up investments. International Living also mentioned that it is the ideal destination for those who want privacy in their financial capabilities. Its lack of personal or corporate taxes as well as its proximity to growing Latin American market makes it a no-brainer for becoming the home of business operations.

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