Updated 05:18 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 27, 2021

Twitter Helped Mark Ruffalo Find Lost Wallet: How the 'Avengers' Actor Rewarded His Little Heroes?

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The Avengers may be the world's mightiest heroes, but sometimes, there are things that even The Hulk can't do without help, especially when he's Mark Ruffalo the actor, not Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner.

In a report by USA Today, "The Avengers" actor lost his phone and wallet in the storm that has been ravaging the East Coast. As a very active celebrity on Twitter, he used the social media platform to locate these two important items.

Of course, he also promised a "reward and signed pic," which are pretty great incentives for his cause, especially considering that his driver's license was in his wallet.

With that, he received a lot of tweets from fans ranging from the helpful "Find my Phone" app, to less-serious ones, like suggesting that he ask The Hulk's friend, Iron Man, to get on the case.

But his Twitter-search ended on a good note, as both items were located not twenty minutes later by a pair of kids.

The little heroes who found the superhero's wallet are Amenaide and Catherine Brown. According to Comic Book, the girls found the items while walking home with their mom. The girls' dad, Peter Brown, spoke with TMZ, who said that the girls did not recognize the name 'Mark Ruffalo,' and that the phone was locked so there was no way to get the number.

The phone got a text later though, with a number left on the screen. One call led to another and the family was able to get in touch with the actor's publicist.

Later in the day, Ruffalo dropped by their home to retrieve his things, and gave the girls $100 for their honesty. He also promised them a Hulk photo.

According to the girls' father, the girls will be using their reward money for "bubble gum and peanut butter M&M's," which, as a child, is pretty much a lot of what you want.

The actor also took an adorable photo with the girls, which he posted on Twitter. He captioned it with, "Thank Amenaide and Catherine Brown for finding my Phone and wallet! Thanks Brown family for your decency."

Vanity Fair noted that the return of a celebrity's personal belongings is highly unlikely in this era. A more likely scenario would have involved stealing or hacking in to release information on other celebrity friends, among other things.

Ruffalo's post, which thanked the Brown family for their decency, seems to indicate that there really is hope for humanity. Do you think their honesty in returning a major celebrity's wallet is something to celebrate?

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